mobile infantry

The Mobile Infantry




world service citizenship
fight future guarantee
part mobile infantry
save globe all over
join join up







Young people from all over the globe are
joining up to fight for the future.

Recruit, One: “I’m doing my part.”
Recruit, Two: “I’m doing my part.”
Recruit, Three: “I’m doing my part my part too.”

They’re doing their part.

Are you?

Join the mobile infantry and save the world.

Service guarantees citizenship.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Blue. In the video, there were many soldiers. True or false?

Orange. Are the recruits (soldiers) children, teens, young adults, middle-aged people or senior citizens (old people)?

Red. Do only Americans join this army?

White. Only the narrator speaks. Is this right or wrong?

Green. Do the recruits (soldiers) give a long talk, or do they say the same things?

Yellow. Can only men serve in the Mobile Infantry?

Black. If people join the Mobile Infantry, will they receive lots of money?

Orange. What was this video? Was it a TV show, video, movie or recruitment advertisement?
Purple. I have served in the military (army, navy, air force, marines). True or false? If yes, what was it like?

Pink. Did your father or grandparents serve in the military? Does he talk life in the military?

Violet. Is military service voluntary or compulsory?

Grey. What might happen in the future?

Beige. What should people and governments do?

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