obvious stimulate regular basis
insight generate breakthrough
select broaden pump iron
weights capacity lift weights
leash critical (2) take action on
hunch unleash gut feeling
assume white out over the course of
average advantage tremendous
sparkle enterprise innovation
liquid overcome implement
source obstacle



The single most powerful way to stimulate your superconscious mind is by using a process called mindstorming on a regular basis.

In mindstorming, you write down your goal or problem in the form of a clear, specific question at the top of a sheet of paper.

Increasing One’s Income

An example might be “What can I do to increase my income by 25% over the next year?”

You then write down at least twenty-one answers to it.

Now this is very important: You must generate a minimum of 21 answers to your question.

Writing Down Answers

When you begin writing, your first six answers will be obvious and easy. You might think of ideas like, “work harder,” or “work more hours,” or “take additional training.”

The next five will be more difficult . . .

And the last ten will be the most difficult of all.

You may think it’s impossible.

Pumping Mental Iron

But you must really force yourself until you have written down all 21 — this is when you really begin to “pump mental iron”; to lift mental weights.

Oftentimes the twenty-first answer is the breakthrough insight that solves everything. Again you broaden your thinking capacity.

Usually, great ideas will pop into your mind as flashes of insight or intuition.

Select One Answer

Once you have generated 21 answers, review them and select at least one idea that you are going to take action on immediately.

This is a critical part of the process.

The faster you take action on a new idea, the more likely it is that you will do exactly the right thing at exactly the right time . . , and the more additional ideas you will unleash.

Going Against the Flow

However, when you do nothing or go against your intuition, has it ever worked out?



Why now?

It’s because your hunches sense will always gives you the best answer for you, at the right moment. So listen to your gut feelings.

Many Ideas

Overall, the more ideas that you generate and try out, the more successful you become in achieving that goal or solving that problem.

If you were to apply this mindstorming technique five days a week on your goals or problems, you would generate 105 ideas per week.

Over the course of a year, you would be producing over 5,000 ideas, assuming you didn’t do this on the weekends or vacations.


If you implemented just one of them, that would represent 250 new implementations per year.

When you consider that the average person only thinks of four new ideas per year, and usually does nothing with them, this would give you a tremendous advantage.

Mental Exercise

When you use the mindstorming technique regularly, you will stimulate your mind for creativity and innovation. Your mind will continually sparkle with ideas and insights. You will see opportunities and possibilities all around you.

New Ideas

Some of the most successful enterprises today did not exist in their present form just a few decades ago, corporations like Apple, Google and Microsoft; and their products things like smart-phones, the internet and liquid white-out.

Remember, ideas are the keys to the future. Ideas are the tools to overcome obstacles and solve problems. New ideas are the source of new products and businesses.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Mindstorming can make people smarter and more creative. What do you think? Is there an analogy to mindstorming?

2. Describe mindstorming. How does mindstorming work?

3. Are the first five solutions or answers the sames as the last five? What is the difference?

4. It’s best to implement the best solution tomorrow. Is this true or false?

5. Our hunches and intuition is usually correct. Yes or no?

6. How often should people perform mindstorming? Will a person using mindstorming have an advantage over someone who doesn’t?

7. New ideas mean progress. Is this correct or wrong? Give examples.
A. Can mindstorming expand your thinking, creativity, innovation and intelligence?

B. Do you have challenges, goals or problems that need solutions? Give examples. What are some solutions?

C. Have you heard of brainstorming? Does your company or organization use brainstorming?

D. Who do you know that comes up with great ideas or can solve problems quickly and easily?

E. What will happen in the future?

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