million dollars

The Doorbell



bell doorbell win/won/won
plus million congratulations
bored serious change (2)
outfit for life keep the change
total all right throw a party
supply croissant Broadway
king dream check (3)
queen wake up get the door
jam lifetime come true





Lia: “I’m so BORED!……”

Ding Dong

Lia: “The doorbell!”

Man: “Are you Lia?”
Lia: “Yes.”
Man: “Congratulations! You’ve won a million dollars! Plus $5,000 a week for life!!! Congratulations!”
Lia: “What? I’ve won? Are you serious?”
Man: “Yes, I am. A million dollars, plus five thousand dollars a week for life!!!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Lia: “So much money! But so little time. Time for some shopping. I need to find the perfect outfit for when I go shopping.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Lia: “I’d like to buy this car please. Keep the change.”
Salesman: “Keep the change. How nice. That’s very nice.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Lia: “I love this house!”
Real Estate Agent: “Alright. Sold! Congratulations!
Lia: “I LOVE my new home! I’m going to throw a party!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Cashier: “Okay your total’s going to be $4.94.”
Lia: “Keep the change!”
Cashier: “Thank you!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Lia: “Wow! So much money! I think I’ll buy everyone here a coffee!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Lia: “New clothes — check. New house — check. New car — check. Now it’s time to travel.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Lia: “Hello New York! I’m going to catch a Broadway show!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Lia: “Hello London. I’m going to have some tea with the Queen!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Lia: “Oo-la-la! Paris! Time for some croissants and shopping.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Mother: “Lia, wake up! Lia, can you wake up please and get the door for me?”
Lia: “What? It was just a dream?”
Mother: “Uh yeah honey, you’ve been dreaming. Now can you please get the door? Someone’s at the door.”
Lia: “Okay, fine.”

Lia: “Oh! My dream is coming true!”

Man: “Are you Lia?”
Lia: “Yes.”
Man: “Congratulations! You’ve won…a lifetime supply of — jam!”
Lia: “What? Are you serious?”
Man: “Yes! A lifetime supply of jam!”
Lia: “But I don’t even like jam!”


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. In the beginning, Lia was bored. True or false?

2. Did she hear a sound? What happened at her front door?

3. What did she do? What did she buy?

4. Lia and the sellers, cashiers and agents were sad. Yes or no?

5. Where did she travel to? What did she do there?

6. All this was real. Is this right or wrong?

7. What happened in the end? Was Lia happy? In the end . . . .
A. Do people ring your doorbell or knock on your door? Do you answer it, or do your parents say, “Don’t answer it. I’ll answer it.”

B. Who knocks on your door or ring your doorbell?

C. I have won a prize. True or false? Have your friends won prizes?

D. I would like to win a million dollars. Yes or no? What would you do if you won a million dollars? If I won a million dollars, I would buy . . . . .

E. Where would you travel to if you won a lot of money? If I won a lot of money, I would travel to . . . .


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