military parades different countries

Military Parade in

Different Countries



display military ceremony
attend rousing impressed
flypast weapon stand/stood/stood
parade elaborate choreography
vehicle march (2)


Video: Military Parades, one



President Trump wants a military display “like the one in France”. He attended last year’s (2017) ceremony and “was impressed”.

So what makes a military parade?

1. Marching: Iran. Russia. North Korea. Zimbabwe.

2. Weapons: North Korea. China. Russia. Iran.

3. Flypasts: Russia. Sri Lanka. France. China.

4. Rousing Music: Russia.

5. Elaborate Choreography: Iran.

6. Standing in Moving Vehicles: France. Russia. Sri Lanka. China.

7. And Animals: United Kingdom.


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1. The United States has grand, annual military parades. True or false?

2. Did President Trump watch the French parade on TV?

3. He thinks military parades are pompous and jingoistic. Is this right or wrong?

4. Do modern military parades consist solely of marching soldiers?

5. The weapons displayed are only soldiers carrying guns. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. Did most of the BBC footage consist of military parades in democratic countries?

7. The animal display consisted of horse cavalry, or soldiers on horseback. Yes or no?


A. Why does Donald Trump want a grand military parade? Does this say anything about his personality or character?

B. Our country puts on military parades every year. Yes or no?

C. Why do France, Russia, China, North Korea and Iran put on huge military parades?

D. Why don’t the United States and Germany have (big) military parades?

E. What should your country or other countries do?

F. What might happen in the future?

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