middle-class wise fluctuate

Middle Class, Prepared

Initial, Standard, Fluctuate



initial prepared upper class (rich)
constant clothed upper-middle class
wise terrible middle class
unprepared standard working class
dumb retarded lower-middle class
complex capable lower class (poor)
fluctuate steady able


Upper-class (rich), upper middle-class, middle-class, lower-middle class, working class, lower-class (poor)

1. Approximately what percent of the population is upper-class, middle-class, working-class, and lower class?

2. What kind of jobs do people in each class typically perform?

3. Everyone wants to be in the upper-class. Yes or no? Do your friends want to be in the upper class?

4. Are there class, political, and economic conflicts between upper, middle, and lower classes?

5. Many people from lower and working classes “move up” to middle and upper-middle classes. True or false? I know people who have moved up. Is this correct or incorrect? Is it possible to “move down”?

6. There are distinct areas or districts of the city where upper-class, middle-class, lower-middle class, and lower-class families live. Yes or no?

Wise, terrible, prepared, unprepared, standard

7. Is there a wise woman or wise man in you village or neighborhood? What do they say?

8. People, secretly and subconsciously, love to watch and hear terrible news on TV. Do you agree?

9. Students are usually unprepared for exams. Yes or no? Are the civil defenses prepared to cope with natural disasters?

10. Are families prepared for winter or hard times? How should people prepare for hard times?

11. Are educational standards too low, too high, or just right? Are the quality standards of companies alright?

Initial, dumb, retarded, clothed, complex

12. Have you traveled abroad or to a different city? What was your initial impression? My initial impression was……..

13. What were some dumb mistakes? Some dumb mistakes include….

14. Is there adequate help for mentally challenged (retarded) individuals?

15. Shop mannequins are clothed in….. What are museum mannequins clothed in?

16. What’s are the most complex jobs or tasks in your company? The most complex jobs or tasks are…….

Capable, constant, fluctuate, steady, able

17. Anyone is capable of doing anything if they learn, practice, and train long enough. Do you agree?

18. Do you prefer a life that is constant or changing all the time?

19. Business and busy times fluctuates in my company. True or false?

20. It’s better to have fewer steady, loyal customers than many one-time customers. Do you agree?

21. Are you able to work if you have a cold? If I have a cold, I am able to keep a steady job.

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