mentorship one

Mentorship, one



define term (3) your own terms
guess identity association
set (2) goal (2) transformation
mentor addition affirmation
key (2) area (3) recommend
similar speed up dramatically
decide behavior blind spot
habit plus (2) accomplish
mimic strategy implement
tend achieve pick up on
serious improve see the forest for the trees
blind model (2) in terms of
avoid mindset move forward (2)
way (2) specific consciously
fit (2) no matter any given time
at least step (2) choose/chose/chosen

By Mike Struthers


You want to be successful, however you define success in your own terms, right?

We all do.

But how can you achieve it?

There is a way.

Can you guess the single most powerful technique you can use for personal transformation?

No, it’s not affirmations, visualization, goal setting, or even self-education.

It’s finding a mentor.

A Mentor

A mentor is someone who has succeeded in areas that you would like to as well, and is willing to share his or her secrets, systems and strategies to help you do the same.

And if you’re serious about getting to the next level in a key area of your life, then I can’t recommend this simple strategy enough.

Reasons Why

The reason a mentor can dramatically speed up the achievement of your goal is simple: You have a model of the mindset, behavior, habit, and everything else you’ll need to implement to accomplish similar success.

Plus will be standing next to an expert, which is why this personal transformation strategy is SO powerful: as humans, we tend to mimic those we are around long enough.

With a mentor, you pick up on many of the right success patterns unconsciously, simply by association.

In addition, a mentor can see the forest for the trees in terms of your specific situation. They’re able to show you your own “blind spots” that you need to avoid, and move forward.

Finding a Mentor

Now, when you have decided on a particular area of your life, identify a mentor specific to that area.

So if you want to improve your physical health, find a mentor who’s is as fit as you’d like to be. If you want to improve your business, find a business mentor.

No matter what you choose to work on, it’s important to always have at least one mentor in your life at any given time. This way, you’re always growing and moving towards the next level.

It’s time to stop wishing you were this or had that — and actually take the steps needed to get there.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. To be “successful” mean being rich and famous. Is this entirely true, mostly true, partially true, in the middle, yes and no, largely false or entirely false?

2. According to the text, what is the secret of success? Describe it.

3. There is a psychological explanation. Is this right or wrong? What is it?

4. A mentor has to instruct the protégé, just like a teacher does. Is this correct or incorrect?

5. Do mentors and protégés view situations exactly the same way?

6. Can anyone, for example your uncle, aunt or grandparent, be your mentor?

7. Should you have only one mentor for your entire life?


A. I have a mentor. I am a protégé. Yes or no? How many mentors have you had in your life?

B. Give examples of valuable lessons you have learned from your mentors?

C. Do you mentor anyone? Do you have a protégé?

D. What can you say about mentorships, in terms of history and tradition?

E. What should people do?

F. What will happen in the future?

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