Medieval Festival, one




castle parade cross (2)
brick tower battlements
moat helmet chain-mail
lathe sword costume
steel banner shield (2)
flag lance hammer
drum turret audience
owl actors bow and arrow
torch incense acrobatics
lute falcon reenactment
violin hatchet trebuchet
beer knitting blacksmith
tent armor merrymaking
joust knight falconry
ale bridge medieval
feast festival festivity
fiddle target performance
hawk gallop market stalls





*     *     *     *     *     *     *




Knights. The festival took place in Sydney, Australia. True or false?

Lords, Noblemen. Did only the royalty, nobility and aristocrats attend the festival?

King, Queen. There were football and rugby matches. Is this right or wrong?

Prince, Princess. Was there hip-hop dancing? Were there pop concert performances with electric guitars, bass guitars and synthesizers?

Duke, Duchess. Were people shooting assault rifles and pistols?

Baron, Baroness. Everyone was dressed in jeans, shirts and tennis shoes. Is this correct or incorrect?

Aristocrats. Were people making 3-D printed objects?

Vassal, Squire. Everyone ate hamburgers, pizzas and shawarma. What do you think?

Craftsmen. How did people feel? Were they serious?
Traders, Merchants. I have visited or attended Medieval or Folk festivals. Yes or no?

Peasants, Serfs. Are Medieval, Renaissance or Folk festivals common and popular?

Hut, Cottage. Do you think these traditional festivals are strictly cultural events, a hobby, business enterprises or all of the above?

Manor, Mansion. What might happen in the future?

Castle, Fortress, Palace. There should be more Medieval, Renaissance and Folk Festivals. Do you agree?

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