medical students

Medical Students



favorite subject science
abroad apply various
institution scholarship medical
during communist accept
offer intensive tough
persevere along along the way
befriend fellow after
complete pay west
couple decide emigrate
eventually settle town
near local clinic
meanwhile another town


High School

Adrian had earned top grades at his school in Asuncion, Paraguay. His favorite subjects were math and science.

Wanting to be a doctor (and live abroad), he applied to various medical institutes in the United States and Europe.

A university in Krakow, Poland accepted him and offered a scholarship to study at its medical college. This was during the communism era in the 1970s.

Intensive Language Course

In his first year, Adrian and other foreign students took an intensive course in Polish. It was tough going…but most persevered.

They then began four years of medical training.

Along the way, Adrian met and befriended a fellow student, Leila, from Iran.

After completing their medical studies, they got married.


The pay for doctors in Poland wasn’t as much as in Western countries, so the couple decided to emigrate. Adrian knew French and applied to medical centers in France.

Eventually they settled in a town near Touloune, where Adrian works at a local clinic. Leila meanwhile drives to her job at a hospital in another town.


*     *     *     *     *     *


1. Adrian was an excellent student. True or false?

2. Why did he apply to universities in United States and Europe?

3. Did he and other foreign students begin studying medicine immediately?

4. Adrian probably met Leila at a disco. What do you think?

5. Why didn’t they stay in Poland?

6. Where did they end up?

A. There are many foreign students in my city. Yes or no? If yes, where do they come from?

B. What do they study? What happens after they graduate?

C. Do many students from your country study abroad? Why? What are some popular destination?

D. Most students from my country who study abroad return. Yes or no?

E. Have you or any of your friends studied abroad? If yes, where? What did you study?

F. Would you like to study abroad? If yes, where? What would you like to study?


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