medical factory

A Medical Device Factory


A look at a medical devices manufacturing plant in Hanoi.


morning afternoon evening
every day outskirts still (2)
plenty traffic factory
nearby medical device
pharmaceutical spend build
plant (3) produce equipment
modern offer clean
cleanliness critical final
product must sterile (2)
almost all component
infusion main train
learn operate (2) repair
use machine technician
expert high-tech plastic
holder bottle system
head (2) produce madam
more more than decade
keep (2) run (2) smooth/smoothly
chamber tube join
tight hospital come
come out strong stand (2)
Newton safe quality
assemble high (2) assembly line
low (2) labor cost
possible great deal (2)
hand (2) do by hand most
important flexible fast
slow meanwhile dozen/dozens
different depending country (2)
order may look (2)
easy actually process
difficult quite certain
care careful meet (2)
standard very meet the standards
continue important practice
avoid mistake develop
aware final shop (2)
workshop (2) know well
provide just (3) like (2)
other limited just like other
facility level usually
in a way industry perform
role development human
resource meal human resources (2)
cafeteria free (3) several
month pay relative (2)
more less what’s more
secure place workplace
clean shortage applicant
vacancy afraid interview
there is there are many
send CV/resume really
become scared win
lottery manufacture useful
shift (2) head (3) tomorrow





1. Tran works on Saturdays. Yes or no?

2. Does he work in the center of Hanoi?

3. He drives for one hour to work. What do you think?

4. What is the name of the company?

5. The company manufactures medical equipment. True or false?

6. How much did B. Braun invest in the factory?

7. It is easy to contaminate the product. Is this correct or wrong?

8. Did the trainers come to Vietnam to train Tran?

9. What can Tran do? What does he know at the plant?

10. What does the machines do?

11. Who is Madam Yeoh? What does she do?

12. The product is of good quality. Yes or no? Is it important for the products to be strong?

13. How many workers assemble the product?

14. Where is the main B. Braun company located? Why did they open a plant in Vietnam?

15. What is the difference between machine made and hand made products?

16. Does the work look easy? Is the work actually easy or is it difficult?

17. Do the workers train just once, or do they have to train continually?

18. The workers train and practice at vocational or technical colleges. Yes or no?

19. Does Vietnam have lots of high level training colleges?

20. The workers buy lunch at fast food restaurants. True or false?

21. How much do the workers earn? What is their salary?

22. Many people want to work at B. Braun. Yes or no? Why?

23. Name ten things and seven activities from the video.
A. Do you work in a factory? Do your friends work in factories?
If yes, is it a domestic or foreign owned factory?

B. What does it produce?

C. Where do you eat lunch?

D. Do you and your colleagues have to train and learn new techniques at work?


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