Marketplace Netherlands

The Cheese Market



plaza market marketplace
hard tourist vendor
clogs merchant customer
set up take down wooden shoes
seller souvenir outdoor market
seeds handshake shake hands
fixed mobile



Video: The Cheese Market



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1. The Dutch market is indoors. It’s in a large hall. True or false? Is the market in a parking lot, park, plaza (city center) or sports stadium?

2. Do they only sell cheese there?

3. Are all the merchandise on permanent shelves? What do the sellers or merchants do in the morning?

4. Is the marketplace silent, is there pop music from stereos and loud speakers or something else?

5. They sell many types of small, white cheese. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. The dealers shake hands in a normal, conventional manner. Is this right or wrong?

7. At the end of the day, did the merchants lock up their shops and stalls and go home?


A. Our city or town has markets and bazaars. Yes or no? Are the markets fixed or mobile?

B. What items are on sale there? What do they sell there?

C. Who are the sellers and merchants at marketplaces?

D. Are they popular? Who shops there? Do foreigners and tourists visit them?

E. What might happen in the future?


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