The Make Up Artist




really come off feel/felt/felt
shut dream makeover
crazy make up hear/heard/heard
nap request glamorous
blush shadow come back
lip natural match (2)
pale forever find/found/found
alone suddenly lose/lost/lost
tired get back catch/caught/caught
gloss wash off get away






Suddenly I’m starting to feel really tired. How about if I have a nap for a few minutes and rest my eyes.

Mother: Emily, there’s someone at the door for you.
Emily: What? Is there?

Emily: Hello? Who’s there?
Make Up Artist: Hi. I’m the Crazy Makeup Artist. And I’ve heard that you requested a glamorous makeover.
Emily: Uh, no sorry. I think you’ve got the wrong person.
Make Up Artist: You requested a glamorous makeover, so I’m going to give you one.
Emily: I’m okay then.

Make Up Artist: So what make up do you want?
Emily: Please, could I have this eye shadow, this blusher, and this pale-pink lip gloss, please. And I want it looking very natural and professional.
Make Up Artist: No, no, no. I’m going to give you the BEST makeover you’ve had.
Emily: What? What are you doing? No get away from me! What are you doing?
Make Up Artist: Wait! Come back!

Emily: I really hope the Crazy Make Up Artist doesn’t find me in here!
Make Up Artist: Hah! I’ve found you! I’ve got the perfect eye shadow to match your lipstick.
Emily: No! Get off me! Please leave me alone!
Make Up Artist: Wait, wait! Where are you going?

Emily: Right, she’s never going to find me here. Where is she? You know I think I’ve lost her.
Make Up Artist: I’ve caught you. Now I’m going to finish the makeover!
Emily: Noooo!

Make Up Artist: Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Emily: Noooo! Noooo!
Make Up Artist: I’m going to finish the makeover. I’m going to put on some nice pink blusher!
Emily: No! Stop!
Make Up Artist: Beautiful!…No! No! No! — Not again!

Make Up Artist: Get back here! The makeover is not finished!

Emily: Now she won’t be able to get in!

Emily: I need to wash this mess off my face!

Emily: What? It’s not coming off!
Oh no! I’m going to have this crazy makeover forever!

Emily: The make up. No, the makeup’s not come off! No someone help me! Oh no she’s coming back! Help me! The make up won’t come off my face!

Emily: Phew! I thought I was going to be in that bad dream forever!

It’s just a dream!

Sister: Emily, I really have to do your makeup today. Please can I?
Emily: No, you are not doing my makeup!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Face. On that day, did Emily meet someone? Who did she meet? How did they meet?

Hair. Emily had requested a makeover. In the beginning, Emily wanted a makeover. Emily had an appointment for a makeover. Is this true or false?

Lips, Mouth, Teeth. What did the Crazy Makeup Artist do to Emily?

Eyes, Eyebrows, Eyelashes. Emily loved the makeover! Is this right or wrong?

Cheeks. Did Emily remain seated till the end? Did Emily continue to sit until the makeup artist had finished? Or, Did Emily run away? Where did Emily go?

Ears. Did the Artist find Emily again and catch her? Where did the Artist find Emily? What did she do to Emily?

Forehead, Chin. In the end, Emily felt very happy and satisfied. Is this correct or incorrect? What did she do or try to do? Why did she feel terrible?

Neck. Was the event real? Did everything actually happen? Did Emily really get a makeover?
Shoulders. Does your teacher, colleague or friend put on make up?

Stomach, Waist. Do you know anyone who sells Avon, Oriflame or L’Oreal cosmetics?

Hips. Have people knocked on your door, or have people rang your doorbell? Who were they? What did they say?

Arms, Elbows, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. Do you have dreams and nightmares? If yes, what kind dreams or nightmare do you have?

Legs, Knees, Foot, Feet, Toes.
Have you done skits or plays at school or a youth center? Give examples.

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