make up mark up mix up

Make for, Make like

Make up, Mark up, Mix up



make for make light of make like
make off make off with make or break
make out make over make up
mark up mark down mix up


Make for, make light of, make like, make off, make off with, make or break

1. Make for: hurry towards something.
It’s Friday afternoon! What happened? Where do your classmates or colleagues head for on Friday afternoon?

2. Make light of: to take something casually; not seriously.
Bernard made light of the disaster on TV. Is this good or bad?

3. Make like: to pretend or imitate.
Have you played charades or pantomimed? Describe this game.

4. Make off: to run away, leave suddenly.
Everyone was playing football in the field. Then clouds gathered. There was thunder and lightning. What happened?

5. Make off with: to steal; take and run away with something.
Sheila wanted to marry Gary — but her parents wouldn’t allow it. What happened? Do you know anyone who has done this?

6. Make or break: at a crossroads; to succeed or fail something.
Have you or your friend had a make or break project, business, or task?

Make out (3), make over

7. Make out: to understand a message, talk, scene.
“I can’t make out this handwriting.” Why can’t I make out this handwriting? What is the solution? Can you usually make out what Americans or Britons are saying?

8. Make out: to write out.
Carol makes out contracts, reports, notices, advertisements for the company. Who makes out documents in your organization?

9. Make out: to embrace, kiss.
Where is James? Where are some popular places for couples to make out?

10. Make over: to alter, change, improve.
The restaurant had a make over. What happened?

Make up (5)

11. Make up: lie; create, invent (an imaginary story).
Parents and teaches make up stories for children. Children make up stories. True or false? What things have been made up (by authority, politicians, society)?

12. Make up: compensate for something missed or not done.
I have to make up for my work on Saturday; I was absence on Tuesday.
Do employees have to make up for missed days?

Oscar took a make up exam. Why did he take a make up exam?

13. Make up (with): to become friends again after an argument.
After their fight, Sally made up with Wilma. Will you ever make up with your enemies?

14. Make up: cosmetics (lipstick, mascara, power)
Are cosmetics big business? Do people sell make up?

15. Make up your mind: (imperative) make a decision (now).

Mark up, mark down, mix up (3)

16. Mark up: to correct homework, exam with a pen.
Who works harder, students or teachers (or both)? Should teachers mark up exams and homework with a green or red pen?

17. Mark up: to show a price increase of items.
Stores mark up the prices of items every so often. Is this correct or wrong? Have you noticed mark up? Why do stores mark up the price of items?

18. Mark down (separable): reduce the price (as an incentive to buy).
Do stores mark down prices? Why would stores mark down the price of items?

19. Mix up: to blend or shuffle things, people.
The hospital mixed up the newly born babies. Was this good or bad? What happened? Have you heard of newly born babies being mixed up?

20. Mix up: cause to become confused.
I felt all mixed up in the lecture. What lectures have you felt mixed up?

21. Mix up: to become invariably involved in something.
The US often becomes mixed up in other countries’ concerns and problems. Is this good or bad, or both?

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