Magical Appearances



switch sparks armchair
spikes appear disappear
glass coffin exchange
vapor smoke leather
casket curtain judge (2)
stage applaud audience
clap buzzer floor






Judge Amanda: “Hello.”
Christian Farla: “Hello.”
Judge Amanda: “Who are you?”
Christian Farla: “My name is Christian Farla, and I do illusions.”
Judge Amanda: “Ohhhh.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Judge Ayesha: “How did you do that? Oh my goodness!”
Judge David: “It was really, really good because just when you think we’ve met one of your girlfriends, you meet the other three.

I’m gonna say ‘yes’.”

Judge Ayesha: “I’m gonna say ‘yes’.”
Judge Simon: “I’m gonna say ‘yes’.”
Judge Amanda: “Four ‘yeses’.” You’ve going to the next round. Well done.”

Side Hosts: “Well done. Nice to meet you. Well done. Nice to meet you. Well done. Nice to meet you. Well done. Nice to meet you.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Illusion. Was Christian Farla, the main performer, wearing a business suit; was he wearing blue jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers; or something else? Were the women wearing skirts?

Magic, Magic Tricks. For their performance, the man was singing and the women were dancing. True or false?

Performance. Did the first woman walk onto the stage from the right?

Acrobatics. How did the second woman come on the stage?

Dance. Christian exchanged places with his assistant. Is this right or wrong?

Music, Musical Instrument.
Was one of their performances dangerous? How was it dangerous?

Comedy Routine.
Did more women walk onto the stage?

Circus, Circus Performance.
The audience and judges liked the performance. Is this correct or incorrect?


Britain’s Got Talent.
I have seen a similar performance before. Yes or no?

America’s Got Talent.
I wish I could make new people appear.

Australia’s Got Talent.
Would you like some people to disappear?

Spain’s Got Talent.
What might happen in the future?

Germany’s Got Talent.
Do you wish you could disappear from and appear in different places?


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