magic act

The Magic Act



hulk cheers meet/met/met
sort of magician Guinness
talent out there wear/wore/worn
nice brilliant performing
lucky safe (2) by the way
pour obviously demonstrate
trick science smart (2)
queen give up impersonator






David Watson: First of all, my name is David J Watson. And I’m from Sale, Cheshire.

BGT Host: The first year we met, he was an impersonator. The second year he came back, it was the Hulk — sort of an impersonator. This year, he’s back as . . .

David Watson: Magician, Mark Two.
Host: Correct. Obviously . . . What does that mean?
David Watson: I’m sure there are many magicians out there. So I decided to go as Mark II, another magician.
Host: So, for how long have you been doing magic?
David Watson: Nearly two years. When I thought about doing magic for Britain’s Got Talent, but what do magicians wear?

Some costume, I thought something smart. The only thing about two is having socks.

Host: How are they going to see that?
David Watson: Magician Mark Two.
Host: Let’s have it right today. Good to see you, David.


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Amanda Holden: Hello.
David Watson: Hello everybody. It’s nice to be back again.
Amanda: Yes, it’s brilliant how you just don’t give up. This year, you’re giving your . . .
David Watson: It’s a magician, Mark Two. I call it “Magician Mark Two”, because it’s another magician.
Amanda: Okay, David, third time lucky then.
Michael McIntyre: Good luck, David.
David Watson: What I’m going to do is fill this glass with water. By the way, it’s perfectly safe to try this at home. So I’m going to pour this in, right.
David Hasselhoff: What was the trick?
David Watson: Well, I’m demonstrating that Guinness is heavier than water.
Amanda: It wasn’t magic.
Michael McIntyre: It wasn’t magic; it was science.
David Hasselhoff: I think your greatest talent is actually getting back on this show.
Amanda: I don’t think this is the year you’re going to be performing in front of the Queen.
Michael McIntyre: And I think I speak for everyone here, when I say “See you next year.”
David Watson: Cheers!


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. This is the first time David Watson is auditioning on Britain’s Got Talent. True or false?

2. Has David performed similar acts on Britain’s Got Talent, or different acts?

3. What was David wearing? Describe David’s costume.

4. The judges know David. Is this right or wrong? How do they know him?

5. What did David do for his performance? What was his act?

6. The judges and audience loved David’s performance. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. “And I think I speak for everyone here, when I say ‘See you next year’.” Who said that? Why did he say that?


A. I understood David’s performance. I loved his act. Yes or no?

B. Does David want to be famous?

C. I know people who always wants attention and to be famous.

D. Have you seen magic performances?

E. What will happen to David?

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