luck bracelet

The Bracelet



fairy pretty bracelet
lucky actually hopefully
luck magic recently
clean outside spell (2)
dear mix up knock-knock
gift yummy oh my gosh
toy instead exciting
noise turn on probably
poo believe burn off
skin trip (2) promise





Luck Fairy: It’s been a while since I’ve given someone a lucky bracelet. Let me take a look into my magic film, and see who’s been good recently.

Aha. This girl looks like she’s been good. I’ll give her the Lucky Bracelet.

Okay, I have a lucky spell and an unlucky spell. So let me get the bracelet out. Time to put the lucky spell on the bracelet.

“Take a lemon on a full moon, and to all colors of pins and needles.”

Now it’s time to give the bracelet to the lucky girl.

Emily: Wow, I’ve actually cleaned my room today; my mother will be so proud of me.

Knock. Knock.

Emily: What’s that noise?

What’s this?

I don’t know if this is for me. It was outside my door, so it probably is.

Oh, it’s a letter.

“Dear Emily,

You’ve been very good recently, so therefore you’ve been gifted with a bracelet of luck. Once you wear this bracelet, you’ll have luck wherever you go and whatever you do.

Have fun.
The Luck Fairly.”

Oh, my gosh! This is so exciting!

Where’s the bracelet?

So the Luck Fairy says, once I wear this bracelet, I’ll have loads of luck.

It’s such a pretty bracelet. I’ll put it on, and let’s have some good luck.

What’s this toy doing here?

My good luck starts — now!

I really don’t know what to listen to today. Maybe I’ll be lucky and there will be a really good film on.

Why isn’t the TV turning on?

Oh my gosh: the TV’s broken! It’s not turning on.

How about instead, I just go and get some lunch.

Um, yummy: hotdog.

Lola! That was my lunch!

What am I going to eat now?

Lola, now that you’ve eaten my lunch, we’ll go for a walk, to burn off that hotdog.

I can’t believe I just tripped over a banana skin (peel).

Ever since I’ve been wearing this bracelet, bad things have been happening to me . . .

Oh, look at how pretty that bird is . . .

I can’t believe it: a bird just pooed on my. How unlucky.

Luck Fairy: Let me take a look at the magic film and see how much luck she is having . . . oh my gosh! She’s having real bad luck.

Oh no: I gave her the wrong spell. I gave her the unlucky spell, instead of the lucky spell.

Quick, I have to tell her.

Emily: It just took me ages to wash that out of my hair. Let me read the note again and see if the bracelet was lucky.

So far today, I’ve had really bad luck. “So therefore, you’d be gifted with Bracelet of Luck.”

What? Why have I had bad luck?

Knock. Knock.

Who’s that?


Luck Fairy: Hi, I’m the Luck Fairy. Please can I come in?
Emily: Oh yeah, come in.
Luck Fairy: I’m so sorry; you’ve had the worse day. That’s because I mixed up two spells: I gave you the unlucky spell.

Please can I put the lucky spell on your bracelet so you can have luck like I promised you?

Emily: Oh. What’s why I have been having so much bad luck today. Here you go.
Luck Fairy: With this luck I have today, this will have the luckiest day. It will be so colored and thankful for man and woman.
Emily: Thank you so much. Hopefully now I’ll have a lucky day.
Luck Fairy: I’m sorry I got my spells mixed up. Have a lucky day.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. In the beginning, the Luck Fairy wanted to give Emily a Lucky Bracelet because Emily was a good girl. True or false?

2. Did the Luck Fairy give the bracelet to Emily in person, or did she leave a box in front of her room door?

3. The letter told Emily that she would have bad luck when she put on the bracelet. Yes or no? What did Emily do after she read the letter?

4. What was Emily’s first bad luck of the day?
5. Did she watch a fantastic movie on TV?

6. For lunch, Emily ate spaghetti with meatballs. Is this right or wrong?

7. In the park, did she trip over a toy?

8. The Luck Fairy realized she had made a mistake, and changed the bad luck spell into a good luck spell. Is this correct or incorrect?


A. I often experience “good luck”. Yes or no?

B. Some of my friends are (born) lucky. What do you think? Who is the luckiest person you know?

C. Are some people (born) unlucky? Do you know anyone who has lots of bad luck?

D. What are some signs or symbols of good luck and bad luck?

E. What can you say about the following: black cat, a four-leafed clover, the color red, a horseshoe, a mirror, the numbers 3, 4, 7, 13; a rainbow, umbrellas,.


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