A Tour of Lubeck



gate narrow landmark
brick imagine meet/met/met
site sign (3) Medieval
bridge heritage World Heritage Site
lovely alleyway well-known
stroll artisan Middle Ages
alley right (4) literature
district edge (2) find/found/found
novel setting monumental
magic delicacy works (2)
piece delicious






Good morning. My name is Jungwoo Kim. I come from South Korea, and I’m studying German in Hamburg.

Before I go back to Seoul, I want to see the beautiful town of Lubeck.

Come with me.

Lubeck’s Landmark: The Hoolstentor.

I think this is a lovely gate. I like all the small windows, and that’s it’s made of brick.

How nice. I’ve heard there are more than two-hundred bridges in Lubeck.

Upper Trave Bridge

If I met the right man, I’d like to do something like this as a sign of my love.

Lubeck’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s hard to imagine that this district, with the narrow alleyways, was where the poor artisans lived in the Middle Ages.

Taking a Stroll through Medieval Alleys.

There used to be 280 alleyways; now there are only eighty of them on the edges of town. Let’s see if we can find them.

I think it’s interesting that they made these so narrow.

The Buddenbrookhaus Museum of Literature

Setting for Thomas Mann’s Novel “Buddenbrooks”

Now I’m in a lovely room that once was used by Thomas Mann. He is very well-known in South Korea for his monumental and great works such as “Buddenbrooks” and “Magic Mountain”.

Marzipan — A Lubeck Delicacy

It looks like a real potato. How did they do it?

Jungwoo: “I’d like a piece of this marzipan cake.”

I don’t know whether most South Koreans like marzipan, but I do. I like it a lot.


I’ve had a great day in Lubeck, and I’d like to visit it again. Bye.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Jungwoo Kim is studying computer engineering in Germany. Is this true or false? Does she live in Lubeck? Is she staying in Lubeck?

2. In the video, was she speaking English?

3. The gate building is made of wood. Is this right or wrong? Are there a few big windows?

4. Are there lots of canals or waterways in Lubeck?

5. Jungwoo has a boyfriend. Yes or no? Why are there lots of locks on the bridge?

6. Only rich and middle-class families lived in the Old Town. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. Can people drive cars through some of the alleyways?

8. Only Germans know about Thomas Mann. Is this correct or incorrect? Was he a scientist?

9. Did Jungwoo eat a chocolate, birthday cake?


A. I have visited Germany. Yes or no? Have your friends visited Germany? Do you know anyone from Germany?

B. What are some famous buildings in your city?

C. There is an old town in my city.

D. Who is your favorite writer? What kind of books does or did he or she write?

E. Is there an artists, writers and musicians’ district? Are they poor, middle-class, or rich?


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