Los Angeles park

A Park in Los Angeles



terrible try/tried hear/heard/heard
out of get back come/came/come
anyway suppose think/thought/thought
license registration sleep/slept/slept
cop couple (2) give/gave/given
pocket come on see/saw/seen
serious forget it drive/drove/driven
hell (2) through forget/forgot/forgotten
vet veteran veterinarian
Gulf (2) drummer matter of fact
except change (3) help me out
dime smoke (2) hell of a way
owe buck (2) eat/ate/eaten
job come on sell/sold/sold
fair (3) all right






Man in Park: “Hello sir, how are you today?”
Engineer: “I’m doing all right. How about you?”
Man in Park: “I’m terrible.”
Engineer: “Sorry to hear that.”
Man in Park: “Yeah, I came down from Santa Barbara yesterday, and this friend of mine wasn’t at home like I thought he was going to be. He owes me some money, so I thought I’d have some money to get back home with.

I’m almost out of gas; I just slept in my car last night.

I don’t suppose you’d have a couple of bucks you could give me. It would really help me out. If you give me your address, I’ll mail it back on . . .

Engineer: “Let me see your driver’s license.”
Man in Park: “What do you want to see my driver’s license for?”
Engineer: “You’re from Santa Barbara. You have your address on it; I want it.”
Man in Park: “I don’t have a driver’s license.”
Engineer: “You drove all the way from Santa Barbara without a driver’s license?”
Man in Park: “Are you a cop?”
Engineer: “Let’s see our car registration. Matter of fact, let’s see your car.”
Man in Park: “All right. Forget it. Just forget it.”

Man in Park: “That’s a hell of a way to treat a vet, man.
Engineer: “You’re an animal doctor?”
Man in Park: “You know, a vet, a veteran. I was in Nam (Vietnam), man.
Engineer: “What were you, a drummer boy; you must have been ten years old.”
Man in Park: “I mean to say the Gulf. Jesus! Come on! All I’m asking is for a little change — I haven’t eaten in three days . . . Well I mean except for this.

Oh come on. Give me some money then. Just give me some money!”
Engineer: “No.”
Man in Park: “How about the change in your pocket. I don’t care if it’s a dime. Give it to me.”
Engineer: “I’m not giving you any money.”
Man in Park: “You got a cigarette?”
Engineer: “I don’t smoke.”
Man in Park: “Aw, come on man, you’ve got to give me something.”
Engineer: “Why don’t you try and get a job?”
Man in Park: “Hey, this is my park; I live here! Who the fuck are you, walking through my park area with two bags? You’ve got two bags; I don’t have any of that. Is that fair, huh?

What’s in those bags anyway, huh? Give me one of those bags. I could sell those bags and eat for a week with they money. Come on, you’ve got two of them. What do you need two of them for?”

Engineer: “You’re right. Here.”
Man in Park: “Are you serious?”
Engineer: “I don’t need it anymore.”
Man in Park: “All right!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Eleventh Question. The scene took place inside a house. True or false? Where did this happen?

Twelfth Question. The two men were old friends from high school. Is this right or wrong?

Thirteenth Q. In the beginning, was the poor man nice and friendly, or angry and mean?

Fourteenth. Did the poor man talk to the engineer about football and pop music?

Fifteenth. Was the engineer very nice and friendly to the poor man? What did he say?

Sixteenth. What did the poor man want?

Seventeenth. In the end, the engineer gave the beggar a cigarette. Is this right or wrong?

Eighteenth. Was the beggar thankful? Did he say, “Thank you very much for your briefcase, apple, sandwich, pastry.”?
Monday. I have seen this movie, Falling Down, before. Yes or no?

Tuesday. Is it safe and okay to visit your city park? Is you city park nice and safe, or unsafe and dangerous?

Wednesday. Are there beggars and homeless people in your city?

Thursday. Why are there beggars and homeless people?

Friday. What might happen in the future?

Saturday. Is there a solution to homelessness? What should people and governments do?


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