curfew prevent go into effect
effect violence pull away
effort make off haves and have nots
footage mayhem storm (2)
worth pile out underway
proud choke up destruction
aerosol loot (2) extraordinary
armed hammer ransacked
grab dramatic surfboard
go off backpack shoot/shot/shot (2)
goods getaway flee/fled/fled
dude location fall/fell/fallen
slip point (2) get my point across
guy upscale pandemic
chaos show off on its way
aerial casually disturbing
pour pour out steal/stole/stolen
utterly alarm (2) storefront
DMV spot (3) fire retardant
torch trash (2) matter (2)
item cover (2) look around
local clean up see/saw/seen
smash resident throw/threw/thrown
join volunteer devastating
grab show (2) self/sheves
broom choke up set ablaze
stroll torch (2) find/found/found
allege close up come/came/come
iconic retard (2) boarded up






Newscaster: “In Beverly Hills, a one pm curfew went into effect today, all part of an effort to prevent some of the looting and violence that happened in locations around Los Angeles, particularly in areas that have come to symbolize the difference between the haves and the have nots.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Looting now underway in Beverly Hills. Mayhem in Beverly Hills as looters storm the luxury clothing store, Alexander McQueen and make off with thousands of dollars worth of goods.

In upscale Santa Monica, devastating destruction as looters attacked business after business.

Extraordinary footage shows a woman using her body to stop looters, one armed with a hammer from smashing their way into a sporting goods store.

She’s violently pulled away in this dramatic footage shot by Fox 11 in Los Angeles.

Despite her efforts, looters make off with bicycles and backpacks. At Patagonia, they flee with surfboards; these looters make their getaway on a motorcycle.

Mayhem at this Van store. Looters pile out with shoe boxes. Watch this dude slip and fall. This guy grabs a shoe box, then tells a KCBS reporter why he’s doing it.

Looter: “People need to start chaos in order to get their point across!”

Aerial shots show looters pouring out of Santa Monica Place Mall. One street over, I spotted people casually strolling with allegedly stolen goods. This guy proudly showed off his box to me.

And this disturbing footage shows a man using an aerosol can to torch a San Bernardino DMV. Today, I’m getting an up-close look inside a CVS that’s utterly trashed, the alarm at this drug store still going off hours after the destruction.

And as you look around, you can see this wasn’t just looted: it was ransacked; items thrown from the shelves and destroyed.

Scott Carlson, Local Resident: “This is just really sad.”

Local resident Scott Carlson chokes up as he joins other volunteers who’ve grabbed brooms and started cleaning up.

And look inside this popular sushi restaurant that was set ablaze. This restaurant should be well on its way to reopening after being closed during the pandemic. Instead, this is what the owner comes to find today: fire retardant on the ground, and the entire restaurant has been torched.

Lisa Guerrero picks up our coverage.

Lisa Guerrero: I’m on iconic Melrose Avenue here in Los Angeles, where storefront after storefront after storefront is boarded up. Interestingly, a lot of these small messages for the looters that say, “We forgive you.” “Black Lives Matter.” And “We remember George Floyd”.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. The news report was about peaceful demonstrations in Los Angeles. True or false?

2. Did looters mainly target small, convenience stores in poor neighborhoods?

3. Did they ransack a few or many businesses? Did they steal books and magazines?

4. Everyone wanted to break into stores and loot they. Is this right or wrong? Did some people try to stop the looting?

5. Did one person explain why they were looting? What did he say?

6. Did they only break store windows and steal items?

7. The business owners were furious at the looters. Is this correct or incorrect?


A. Is there crime in your town or city, or is it perfectly safe?

B. There is a shopping district in my city. Yes or no?

C. I have witnessed (seen) demonstrations and protests. True or false?

D. Have there ever been rioting and looting?

E. What might happen in the future?

F. Why do some people riot and loot?

G. What should people and governments do?

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