loose cannon mumbo jumbo

Mumbo jumbo, Nest egg

Off and on, Out of date



Loose cannon Level playing field
Meteoric rise Make no bones about
Nest egg New kid on the block
Mumbo jumbo Never bite the hand that feeds you
No dice Not playing with a full deck
Off and on Off on the wrong foot
Off the hook Off the record
On the fence On pins and needles
Out of the blue On the same wavelength
Out of date Once bitten twice shy


Level playing field, Loose cannon, Make no bones about, Meteoric rise, Mumbo jumbo

1. Level playing field: fair competition without favoritism, restrictions, regulation.
Does your business operate on a level playing field? The government can create a level playing field by stepping back and not interfering. Do you agree?

2. Loose cannon: a rather unpredictable, out of control person.
Oliver is genius, but also a loose cannon. What kind of jobs should he do?

3. Make no bones about: have no doubts or objections.
“Make no bones about it; I will…..

4. Meteoric rise: a sudden and spectacular success; and often fading a just as fast.
Describe many pop stars. Give real examples of meteoric rises.

5. Mumbo jumbo: Nonsense, meaningless, foolish talk, activity, program.
Some of my friends (classmates, neighbors) are into mumbo jumbo. Yes or no?

Nest egg, Never bite the hand that feeds you, New kid on the block, No dice, Not playing with a full deck.

6. Nest Egg: Savings for future use, such as retirement.
Is it important to have a nest egg? What percent of adult built a nest egg?

7. Never bite the hand that feeds you: Don’t harm someone who helps you.
“Never bite the hand that feeds you.” If you bite the hand that feeds you,…
Do politicians or does the government bite the hand that feeds them?

8. New kid on the block: Someone new in the neighborhood or school.
New kids on the block usually make friends with locals. Yes or no? Are there many new kids on your block?

9. No Dice (slang): to not agree; refuse a deal.
When would you say “no dice”. Have you been in a situation when you would say “no dice”?

10. Not playing with a full deck: to have some disadvantage.
Can you succeed even if you are not playing with a full deck? Who in your school, company or organization isn’t playing with a full deck?

Off and on, Off on the wrong foot, Off the hook, Off the record, On pins and needles

11. Off and on: something happens and doesn’t happen, repeatedly.
I study French, off and on. Does your friend or colleague go on diets, off and on?

12. Off on the wrong foot: having a bad start on a task, program.
In movies, the good guys are always off on the wrong foot. Yes or no? Why?

13. Off the hook: relieved of responsibility, guilt
The United States is the policeman of the world. They should get off the hook. Do you agree?

14. Off the record: unofficial opinion by an authority figure.
“Off the record, I think illegal aliens should become legal residents.” Who said this? Why did they say it?

15. On pins and needles: nervous of something about to happen.
Have you had to make a speech, presentation, or performance? How did you feel?
I’m on pins and needles when I speak to foreigners. Is this correct or wrong?

On the fence, On the same wavelength, Once bitten twice shy, Out of date, Out of the blue

16. On the fence: undecided, hesitant, unsure.
I am on the fence regarding free trade, and the internet. Yes or no? I am on the fence about….

17. On the same wavelength: a consensus; different people agreeing on something.
Are you and your friends on the same wavelength regarding politics, economics, and social issues?

18. Once bitten, twice shy: one good or bad experience forms your attitude towards something.
I feel once bitten, twice shy about certain people, products, or businesses. True or false?

19. Out of date: obsolete, old fashioned.
Do you have out of date gadgets in your home? Do you keep or throw away out of date items?

20. Out of the blue: a sudden and unexpected occurrence.
My friend had been searching for work for months. Then she (he) got a job offer out of the blue. Yes or no?

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