look after luck out make believe

14. Look like, Luck out

Make believe, Make fun of



look after look around look into
look like look on look out
look over look to look up
look up to luck out make as if
make away with make believe make do
make ends meet make for make fun of
make it


Let off steam, let up, look back on, look down on, look forward to

125. Let off steam: relieve anger, tension, stress.
How do your colleagues let off steam?

126. Let up: to lessen, become less intense, severe.
It’s the dog days of summer. Do you wish the heat lets up? “I wish this work would let up.” Who might say this?

127. Look back on:
remember; reflect on, reminisce.
Do you, your parents or grandparents look back upon the old days very fondly?

128. Look down on: consider inferior.
In your town, who looks down upon who?

129. Look forward to:
to expect with pleasure; be eager for.
What do you or your friends look forward to?

Look after, look around, look into, look like, look on

130. Look after: to take care of; attend to
Who looks after senior citizens (elderly people)? Who should look after elderly people?

131. Look around: to scan an area; not staring at one thing.
Patty and Mark reached the center of town. What did they do? Why were they looking around?

132. Look into: to examine, inspect, investigate.
What should scientists look into more? Scientists should look into……
Should citizens look into government spending and activities?

133. Look like: to resemble.
I occasionally meet new people who like people I know. True or false? Can you give examples?

134. Look on: to watch without getting involved.
The United States should just look on when other countries have political crisis and wars. Do you agree?

Look out (2), look over, look to, look up (2)

135. Look out: (imperative) be careful
“Look out!” your friend said. Why did your friend say that?

136. Look out: watch for, to detect, find
Be on the look out (Look out) for two 18-year olds: a young man about 170 cm with dark brown hair, and young young woman with dark brown hair, about 165 cm.” Where is this place? Why did the person say this?

137. Look over: check; review.
Do you look over your car before driving it? Or does a mechanic look over your car?

138. Look to: to turn to for help, rescue
If you have problems, who do you look to for help? If I have serious problems, I look to…..

139. Look up: refer to something in the dictionary or encyclopedia.
I look things up in……..

140. Look up: find where someone lives or works to visit him/her.
Have you looked people up that you met online?

Look up to, luck out, make as if, make away with, make believe

141. Look up to: to admire; respect.
Who do you look up to? I look up to…..because…….

142. Luck out: to be unexpectedly lucky.
My friend lucked out: he got a secure job. Have you or your friend lucked out?

143. Make as if:
to pretend, to act as if.
Henry makes as if he’s the boss. Does anyone in your company act as if they are the boss?

144. Make away with: to steal or get away with something.
The comptroller and treasurer made away with the funds. Does this happen sometimes? How can this be avoided?

145. Make believe: to pretend.
What do children like to make believe? Children like to make believe….
What do adults like to make believe?

Make do, make ends meet, make for, make fun of, make it

146. Make do: to operate, manage, be content with.
It’s possible to make do with a computer and internet. Is this correct or wrong?

147. Make ends meet: to be able to live or get by on your income.
I couldn’t make end meet; so I moved back with my parents. Can your friends make ends meet?

148. Make for: to help bring about; favor.
The money from my family makes for the renovation of the shop. What is the person talking about?

149. Make fun of: tease, make jokes about, insult.
Kids make fun of each other. Is this correct or wrong? If yes, is this good, okay, or bad?

150. Make it: to succeed at something.
I want to make it as a/an……. Has your friend made it in…….?

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