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visit visitor all over the world
uncle million international
fun like (2) think/thought/thought (2)
learn funny interesting
lots a lot of beautiful/more beautiful/the most beautiful
aunt amazing all over (2)


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London’s an amazing city. It’s a good place to live, and a great city to visit. People from all over the world live in London, and the city has over 14 million international visitors every year.

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So, what do visitors think of London?

Gabriel from Brazil: My name is Gabriel. I’m from Brazil, and I like London because it’s a really interesting and fun city.

Andrea, Canada: My name is Andrea. I’m from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I love London because it’s an old city. It’s so interesting and there’s lots to learn.

Wayne, US: My name is Wayne. I’m from the US. We’re here on a vacation for about three weeks. I love London. It’s a beautiful city.

Amber, England: My name is Amber and I live in England and my aunt is here on vacation and we’ve come to London for a few days.

Peter, Canada: My name’s Peter. I’m Canadian. I’m a student over here, and I like London because it’s international.

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London. This video was about New York City. True or false?

New York City. Do only British people live in London?

Paris. Is tourism a big part of Britain’s economy?

Vienna. Is Gabriel from Portugal? Does he think London is dull and boring?

Rome. Andrea is from Australia. Is this right or wrong? Is London a completely new and modern city?

Moscow. Is Wayne a child, teenager, young adult, middle-aged or senior citizen (old person)? Does he live in London? Is he English?

Barcelona. Amber lives in America and is visiting London with her sister. Is this correct or incorrect?

Amsterdam. Peter is a Canadian tourist who is visiting London. Do you agree? Does he only like English people, culture and food?
Prague. I was born in England. I’m from England. I live in England. Yes or no?

Budapest. Have your or your friends ever been to London? Have you or your friends visited London?

Berlin. What do you associate with London? What comes to mind when you think of London?

Athens. I would like to live in London. True or false? Would you like to live in London?

Lisbon. What might happen in the future?


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