Expats in London




stay (2) a long way home country
arrive adventure choose/chose/chosen
reason move (2) meet/met/met
globe exciting leave/left/left (2)
abroad these days come/came/come
great nephew experience
as well sense (3) to and from
feel (2) wonderful hear/heard/heard
far challenge international
own thing (2) run around
miss remember have-has/had/had (2)
niece buzz (2) hard/harder/hardest (2)
cousin whether run/ran/run (2)
culture weather opportunity


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These days people don’t always stay in the country where they were born. Many people choose to live in other countries and in other cities. They sometimes live a long way from home.

In an international city like London, you can meet people from lots of countries.

Some people left their home country a long time ago; and some people have just arrived in the city. They all have different reasons for moving to another country.

Mary, Ireland: “I left about five years ago and came to London just to work really.”

Jann, France: “I left my home country about 20 years ago to go abroad to study.”

Eva, United States. “I left in September of this year to study Shakespeare at Shakespeare’s Globe.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Living in a different country can be very exciting: you experience a new culture, and it’s great for learning a new language.

People often love their new home.

Mary, Ireland: “The food, culture, music, theater is really wonderful here, and you get a sense that there’s a real great buzz around London.”

Eva, United States: “I love the international feel of London, the fact that walking to and from school I hear five or six languages, easily.”

Jann, France: “What I like is the weather, the adventure of being in a new country
and the people.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

But it can also be a challenge living far from your own country, and there are some things that everyone misses.

Mary, Ireland: “I Suppose I miss my friends and my family a lot. I have a lot of friends in London as well, but you always remember your friends from home.”

Jann, France: “I miss the culture, the language, and my family.”

Eva, United States: “I miss having children in my life; my nephews and my nieces running around.”

Living in a different country whether it’s for family, work or study can be a great opportunity. And for some people the longer you stay the harder it is to go home.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Ireland, Britain. Everyone lives in the same place that they were born. Everyone spends their entire lives in one places. True or false?

France. Do only British people live in London?

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg. Everyone comes to London only to practice and improve their English. Is this right or wrong? Why do people move to London?

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Is London exciting, fun and interesting; or dull, plain and boring? What are some highlights of London? Why do people love London?

Croatia, Slovenia.
One person spoke throughout the entire video. Is this correct or incorrect?

Finland. Do people only like the cuisine (food), museums, palaces and other buildings in London?

Spain, Portugal, Azores. Are there any disadvantages, drawbacks or problems with living in London? Did the people say they missed the food from their homelands?

Austria, Germany, Switzerland. I was born in London. I am from London. I live in London. Yes or no?

Poland. Have you ever been to London? Have your friends visited London? Have you met people from England?

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Is your city similar to London or different from London?

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary. Are there any foreigners, immigrants or expats in your city? If yes, who are they? Where are they from? What do they do?

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland. What are some interesting, cultural or beautiful places in your city?

Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia. Would you like to visit London? Would you like to live in London or another city or country?

Greece, Italy. What might happen in the future?

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