London, one




north southeast capital (3)
east symbol northwest
west united market (2)
river stream southwest
lake fantastic multicultural
multi- gherkin traditional
top popular department
tower palace parliament
south famous government
place exciting build/built/built
eye amazing population
royal northeast department store







London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. It is in the south east of England on the River Thames. London is a very big city; the population of London is over seven million people. It is a multicultural City.

London is the top tourist city in the world with 15 million visitors every year. It is a very old city: the traditional historic places in London are popular with tourists.

Buckingham Palace is the home of the British Royal Family. The Tower of London is 900 years old.

The Houses of Parliament are on the River Thames. They are the home of the British government the name of the famous clock tower of the houses of parliament is Big Ben. It is a symbol of London.

London’s taxis and buses are famous symbols of the city too.

But London is an exciting modern city too: the Gherkin and the London Eye are symbols of 21st century London.

The London Eye is very popular. It was built in 1999. The views from the London Eye are amazing.

London is a fantastic place for shopping, from famous department stores to colorful markets.

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Palace. London is located in the center (middle) of England. True or false?

Castle, Fortress. Do only White Anglo-Saxons live in London?

Legislature, Parliament, Congress. Every year, do more tourists visit New York and Paris, or do more tourists visit London?

Museum. The Queen of the Britain lives in a mansion in Liverpool. Is this right or wrong?

Buses, Trams, Trolleys.
What is the most famous building in London?

Art Gallery. Describe the classical taxis and buses of London.

Disco, Nightclub, Club.
All the buildings and structures in London are old, historical and neo-Classical. Is this correct or incorrect?

Bar, Pub. Do people only come to London to see buildings, museums and monuments?

Cafe, Bistro, Restaurant.
My friends and I have been to London. Yes or no?

Bridge. Would you like to visit London? Would you like to live, work or study in London?

River, Riverfront, Riverbank. What is the most beautiful or interesting city that you have visited? What is your favorite city?

Port, Harbor, Dock. What might happen to London in the future?

Bureau, Department, Ministry. Should people visit London and other big cities, or smaller towns and attractions?

Subway, Underground, Tube, Metro. Should governments, businesses and people build new modern buildings or old, classical buildings, or both?

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