living room in Seoul

A Living Room in Seoul



relax dessert population
collect corner drink/drank/drunk
vase charm make/made/made
luck imagine Schubert
pole decorate totem pole
let (2) express memento
pickle density eat/ate/eaten
sofa kimchi welcome
hope hope so






Seoul, South Korea, population, twenty-two (22) million.

Hello and welcome to my apartment in Buntang, in Seoul. My name is Chang Yoon Nyung.

This is my living room. This is my husband and my daughter. We relax on the sofa, watch TV and drink tea in the evening.

In this corner, we have the things we collected on our holidays. The cat is from Japan. And my daughter really likes the music box. My daughter made this vase.

Maneki Neko: good luck charm

My daughter made all these things when she was seven years old. That’s how she imagined her room: a sofa, a bed, a dog. It’s all very Korean.

This is a totem pole. I decorated this corner and collected everything my daughter made as a memento.

This is the piano. My daughter is learning, and I let her do so to express herself. She plays Schubert. I played the piano when I was a child.

Kimchi: pickled cabbage

This is our dining table where eat morning breakfast, midday lunch and evening dinner. This is kimchi, traditional Korean food and rice cakes. We eat them for dessert.

Second highest population density

That was our living room. Did you enjoy seeing it? I hope so. Thank you and good bye. Bye bye!


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Chang Yoon Nyung lives with her family in a suburban home. True or false?

2. What do they do in their free time?

3. Has the family traveled overseas?

4. The daughter is artistic. Is this right or wrong? What has she created?

5. Is the family musical? Do they have a musical tradition?

6. What is a common food in Korea?

7. They family is fit and healthy. Is this correct or incorrect?


A. Do you live in a suburban family home, an apartment, town house or farmhouse or house in the country?

B. What do you do in the evenings and weekends?

C. Do you have an art and souvenir collection?

D. I play music and do artwork. Yes or no?

E. What is your favorite food or meal?

F. Do you exercise? Do you have exercise equipment?

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