little fish

The Little Fish




load come on mean (3)
soak operator warehouse
hey cold (2) come/came/come
hope hope so get/got/got-gotten
luck forklift catch/caught/caught
river step (3) you never know
pier harbor know/knew/known
bridge traffic lucky day
panic scared bite/bit/bitten
pull fight (2) hold/held/held
push line (3) frightened
rod hold on looks like
reel emerge






Forklift Driver: “Come on! Come on! Unload this thing! I’m getting soaked here! Come on, will you?!? Come on.”

Homeless Man One: “Hey Joe, are you gonna catch one of those little fish in the Eek River?”
Joe: “I hope so. But you never know. I mean, today could be my lucky day.”
Homeless Man One: “The only thing you’re gonna catch is the cold. Hahahahaha.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Joe: “Hey, I’ve got a bite! . . . Boy it looks like I have a bite!”
Homeless Man Two: “Come on Joe. You’ve got a big one, baby! Hold on to it now.”
Joe: “You wanna fight?!”

Friends: “Wow! Wow Hoh!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Guppy. The video took place on a farm in Kansas. True or false?

Goldfish. Do the men have easy, office jobs? What were the men doing?

Catfish, Carp. Was the weather bright and sunny? How did the workmen feel? Were they happy, enthusiastic, sad, scared, angry, surprised, worried, frustrated?

Eel, Electric Eel. An old man was coming to work. Is this right or wrong?

Piranha. Did three men go fishing on the pier?

Octopus, Squid. In the beginning, what did Joe the fisherman think? How did he feel in the beginning?

Clam, Oyster, Mussel. Did he catch a big fish? What happened? Was Joe happy, thrilled and ecstatic?

Crayfish, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster. Godzilla was nice and friendly. Is this correct or incorrect? How did New Yorkers feel?
Stingray, Manta Ray. I have seen Godzilla movies. Yes or no?

Dolphin, Porpoise. Is there a moral, lesson or message from the Godzilla movies?

Sea Turtle. My friends and I like to go fishing. True or false? Is fishing popular in your city and country?

Shark, Great White Shark. Should dinosaurs come back to life? What would happen if dinosaurs came back to life?

Killer Whale. Could (a friendly) Godzilla help people and society? If Godzilla were friendly, could he help people?

What might happen in the future?

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