linking words afterward consequently therefore

Linking Words I

Afterward, Consequently

Adverbs used with main (dominant, independent) clauses

A. Afterward, Thereafter

1. Brian read a book about success. Afterward,

2. Catherine’s aunt died, leaving her with gold and silver jewelry, old paintings, antique furniture and three mansions. Thereafter,

3. During the break, Paul put some aphrodisiac into      his colleagues’ (classmates’) coffees. Afterward,

4. _____________ . Afterward, Tina and Ryan      moved to Costa Rica.

5. Mrs. Patterson took her class on a tour of a prison.      Thereafter,

6 _________________ . Afterward, he stopped      drinking and smoking.

B. Consequently, As a Result, And So, Therefore, Because of this

7. Kimberly studied Chinese and Spanish. As a      consequence,

8. It unexpectedly snowed on Saturday (or Monday).      Consequently,

9. ________ . As a result, Mike and Nancy fell in love      and got married.

10. ____________ . Because of this, Phil and Cathy       got divorced.

11. The government lowered taxes. And so

12. _____________ . Therefore, sales increased       by 21%.

13. ______________ . Consequently, the challenger      won the election.

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