Likes and Dislikes, I

We can use gerunds and infinitives, as well as common nouns, to express our likes and dislikes.


love + noun/gerund/infinitive.
enjoy + noun/gerund.
like + noun/gerund/infinitive.
Subject + don’t mind + noun/gerund.
dislike + noun/gerund.
hate + noun/gerund/infinitive.
can’t stand + noun/gerund.

• I love you!
• Yves likes skiing and playing ice-hockey.
• Mr. and Mrs. Pham didn’t like the city center, so they moved to the suburbs.






What are your likes and dislikes?

Answer the following questions, or respond to the statements. Say why and give examples.

For example, do you like Techno music?

+ + Absolutely! I love Techno music! It’s wonderful! It’s fantastic!
+ Yeah, I like Techno music. I enjoy it. I’m keen on Techno music.
O It’s okay. Sometimes. So-and-so. Yes and no. It depends. I don’t mind it.
Nope. No, I don’t. I don’t like it. I dislike it. I don’t care for techno music.
─ ─ Yuck! No way! I hate techno music! I can’t stand techno music.


Leisure, Recreation

1001. I like visiting my family and relatives. Yes or no?

2002. I enjoy being with my friends. I enjoy going to my friend’s home. True or false?

3003. Do you like going for long walks?

4004. Do you enjoy singing or dancing in front of an audience or many people?

5005. I love to travel to foreign or exotic locations.

6006. I love going to parties! I love to party!




7007. Do you prefer trying new, different, foreign, exotic cuisine; or sticking to your old favourites?

8008. My friend enjoys dandelion leaves, clover, nettles, lamb-quarters and other edible weeds.

9009. I like to eat foods with onions and garlic. Do you like the smell of onion and garlic?

10,010. My classmate or colleague enjoys eating sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

11,011. I like hot chilli peppers. I like hot, spicy foods. I like sour-tasting foods (with lemon, vinegar).

12,012. Do you like eating offal (brains, hearts, kidneys, livers, tongues, sweetbreads (pancreas and thymus glands), tripe (linings of first and second cattle stomachs).






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