levitation 2

The Magic Trick



decide feeling could have
hence applause should have
reach shoulder win/won/won
weight freeze (2) competition
seat stage (2) on your way
join welcome if you don’t mind
select audience comfortable
stand fall back how are you
lay excellent backwards (2)
tight pick (3) get through
grab thrilled good luck
slide moment supposed to
sound remain gentlemen
lift (2) like that here we go
hold board (2) just like that
take take on participate
drop my god appreciate
hand place (2) champion
crazy still (2) give a round of applause






Simon: Hello Darcy. I always had this feeling with Darcy, and again, this is part of the reason why we decided to make this show the champions, was there were certain people along the years, where I thought, you know what?

They should or could have won the competition. Hence the reason why you’re back.

Darcy Oakes: Thank you. I appreciate that. Thank you.
Simon: And now to make it a little harder for you, you are now taking on the best of the best.

I’m thrilled to have you back. Good luck.

Darcy Oakes: Thank you so much. Thank you.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Darcy Oakes: Howie, I’d like to give you the best seat in the house, and welcome you to the stage, so please join me. . .

But on your way up, if you don’t mind, if you can select anybody you want from the audience. Pick anybody you want.

Darcy Oakes: Gentlemen, join me on stage.

Howie: Hi, I’m Howie.
Doug: I’m Doug.
Howie: How are you?
Doug: Good.

Darcy Oakes: Howie if you could come stand to my right. And you name . . .
Doug: Doug.
Darcy Oakes: Doug, excellent. Come on back here, have a seat, have a seat. Howie if you can face that way; Doug face that way.
Howie: Like that?
Darcy Oakes: Yep, exactly. Now, Howie, if you don’t mind, just lay backwards, and Doug, yep, lay back . . . lay back . . . comfortable? You’re okay?
Howie: I’m not comfortable, but I’m okay.
Darcy Oakes: We’ll get through it. We’ll get through it. Gentlemen, above you is a board. If you could reach up, please grab the board. Grab the board, little bit this way.


Heidi, will you join me on stage, please?

Heidi Klum: Me?
Darcy Oakes: Yes, please.
Heidi Klum: Thank you.
Darcy Oakes: Thank you so much for your help, Heidi. Stand right here.

Right now, what I would like to try to do with you is freeze a moment in time.
Heidi Klum: Okay and what am I supposed to do?
Darcy Oakes: All you have to do is remain perfectly still and you’re gonna fall back into my arms.
Heidi Klum: Okay.
Darcy Oakes: Sound good. Here we go.
Heidi Klum: Like that?
Darcy Oakes: Just like that. And we’re going to place you onto the board.
Heidi Klum: Hi Mel.
Darcy Oakes: Perfect. Hold on nice and tight. Take her weight. Take her weight.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Here we go. Howie. I’m gonna slide the board out. Take her feet. Take her feet. Take her feet.

Doug, take her shoulders. Take her shoulders.

Howie, this hand — drop it . . . Alright, perfect, perfect.

Mel B: My god, is that with one hand?

Drop your hands, drop your hands.

Terry Crew: How is that happening?

Darcy Oakes: Lift your hands back up. Howie put your hands back up. Grab her legs. Okay.

Terry Crew: Oh, that’s crazy! There was nothing there!

Darcy Oakes: Give her a round of applause. Howie thank you so much for participating.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Head. Simon didn’t know Darcy; this was the first time they met. True or false?

Did Darcy perform alone, or did other people help him?

Darcy’s helpers we technicians from the backstage. Is this correct or incorrect?

Everyone in the audience was too shy. Nobody wanted to participate. Is this right or wrong?

Did everyone know what to do, or did Darcy explain everything step by step?

What happened?

What did the judges and audience think about the performance? How did they feel about the act?


I have seen levitation. Yes or no?

Hand, Fingers, Thumb.
I want to be able to levitate, or I want to levitate other people.

Have you seen magic performances?

Foot, Feet, Toes.
What will happen in the future?

Knees, Elbows. If you had magic powers, what would you do? If I had magic powers, I would . . .

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