less than the least

Less than and The Least, 2


Daily Life

13. Do women have less free time than men?

14. Which foods are the least caloric? Which are the least nutritious? The least healthy?


Politics, Laws, Rules

15. What are the least popular or least fair laws, rules or customs?

16. Do high-income earners pay less taxes than middle and working class people?

17. Who is/was the least popular politician?

18. The less government, regulation, bureaucracy, and taxes, the better. Do you agree?



19. What are the least visited parts of your country? Are they worth visiting?

20. The less cars, factories, pollution, noise, development, and people—the better. True or false?

21. Describe the least desirable qualities of a husband or a wife.

22. What is the least effective economic model?

23. Are people less moral and ethical now, compared to the past?


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