laying buoys sea

Buoys in the Ocean




wait summer come on (2)
buoy move (2) lifeguard
wait right (5) swim/swam/swum
boat left (2) be careful
guess hurry get out of the way
help divert motorboat
pinch have to come/came/come
shark save (2) know/knew/known
real way (2) dream (2)






Boat Driver: “Okay, Summer, Go!”
Summer, Female Lifeguard: “You don’t have to wait; we’ll swim in.”
Boat Driver: “Okay, be careful.”

Matt, Male Lifeguard: “A little more. Move to the left.


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Summer, Female Lifeguard: “Matt!!! Matt!!!”
Matt, Male Lifeguard: “Summer! Boater!”
Summer, Female Lifeguard: “Matt!!!”
Matt, Male Lifeguard: “Summer!”
Summer, Female Lifeguard: “Matt!!!”
Matt, Male Lifeguard: “Get out of the way! Get out of the way!”

Summer, Female Lifeguard: “Help me! Matt went to divert the shark!

Hurry Matt!!!”

Boater: “Matt, swim!!! Hurry on!!!”

Summer, Female Lifeguard: “Come on, Matt!!!

Matt, are you okay?!? You okay? You saved me from the shark!”
Matt, Male Lifeguard: “Pinch me.”
Summer, Female Lifeguard: “Why?”
Matt, Male Lifeguard: “I don’t know if this is a dream . . .

Ow! I guess this is a real one.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Puddle. A woman and a man swam from the shore out to sea. A man and woman swam about one kilometer from the beach out to the sea. True or false?

Pond. Were they taking underwater photographs of fish and other marine life?

Stream. The boat waited for the lifeguards to finish their work. Is this right or wrong?

River. Did Summer and Matt become very happy, joyful and cheerful; or scared, afraid, frightened and terrified?

Lake. Matt panicked and swam away from Summer. Is this correct or incorrect?

Sea. Did the boat return to shore, or did it turn around and return to Summer?

Ocean. What did the boat driver do? What did Summer do?

Beach. Did the shark catch Matt?

Sand. In the end, was Matt very, very tired (exhausted)?

Wave. What did he say to Summer?
Seaside. Do you and your friends like going to the beach? What beaches have you been to? What’s your favorite beach.

Saltwater, Freshwater.
Do people enjoy going to beaches, lakes, rivers, seas and oceans? Are beaches, lakes, rivers, seas and oceans popular places?

Land. I have seen sharks. Yes or no?

Island. Have you seen shark movies, or TV shows featuring sharks?

Shore, Shoreline. Are people terrified (very afraid, very scared) of sharks?

Coast, Coastline. What might happen in the future?

Ground. What should people and authorities, or officials do?

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