lay off look forward to

13. Kick off, Knock out

Lay off, Let off



Jack up Iron out Jump all over
keep an eye keep at it keep away/back
keep out keep to oneself keep up
kick back (2) kick off kick out
knock out lay off leave out
let down let go let off
let in/out let off steam let up
look back on look down on look forward to


Kick off, kick out, knock out (2), lay off, leave out

115. Kick off: to start something (football)
The new company had a big kickoff on Friday. How does a new company kick off its business?

116. Kick out: expel; force to leave.
Will the Union kick out its weakest members?

117. Knock out: to make unconscious (in boxing); a big blow to something.
Will socialism or capitalism be knocked out?

118. Knockout: stunning, very beautiful.
Who are some knockouts?

119. Lay off: to make a worker redundant; to dismiss an employee due to lack of business or work (not because of poor performance).
Have there been lay offs in your city? If yes, why have there been layoffs? What happened to the workers?

Let down, let go, let in/out, let off

120. Leave out: not to include; omit.
What happened to Cinderella?

121. Let down: break a promise; fail or disappoint someone.
Roger was supposed to have prepared the stand; but he delayed — and let us down. Has your friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend let him or her down?

122. Let go:
to release.
The justice system should let drug abusers go. What do you think?

123. Let in/out
Brussels should should let Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in the EU. Do you agree? Should Albania, Georgia, Turkey, and Ukraine be let in?

124. Let off: to absolve, release from punishment.
Are lawbreakers usually let off or serve only part of their prison sentence?


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