lake vacation

The Lake Vacation



weed slimy expectation
lawn excited show (2)
skit ready catch/caught/caught
sure really character
laugh reality what else
wait workout consider
mow theme hit the beach
wind vacation responsibility
chore sleep in summer break
warm rough seriously
pure episode woo-hoo
tan sit back fantastic
jump kayak break (3)
touch enjoy angel (2)






Hey everyone, it’s Heather. So this week’s theme on Seven Perfect Angels is expectations versus reality. So I’m so excited to show you my skit, which is summer expectations versus reality.

So, let’s get started.

1. Expectation ~ Fishing

All right, Eric, get the camera ready. I’m about to catch dinner!

1. Reality

All right, Eric, get the camera ready. I’m about to catch us some dinner!

Oh, well, I’m sure we’ll still catch a fish.

A weed? Really?

2. Expectation ~ Summer Reading

Time for some summer reading.

Huh. What a great book!

Let’s see what else I can read.

2. Reality

Time to start some summer reading.

Who is this character? Wait, where are they again? Wait, why did they laugh at that? Wait, is she married to who? What?

3. Expectation ~ Sleeping in

Yawn. What time is it?

Oh, noon. Haha. I feel fantastic!

3. Reality

Why is someone mowing their lawn at seven o’clock in the morning?

4. Summer Weather ~ Expectation

Hah! It’s another beautiful sunny day. Time to hit the beach.

4. Reality


5. Expectation ~ Summer Pictures

(Jumping in lake)

5. Reality

(Falling in lake)

6. Expectation: No Responsibilities

It’s finally summer vacation. I’m so excited. Now, I don’t have any responsibilities. And I can just sit back, and do whatever I want.

Ha. This is the life.

6. Reality

It’s finally summer break. I’m so excited just to be able to sit down and do whatever I want.

This is the life . . .

Mother: “Not so fast, Heather. Here are the chores I’d like you to do in the next hour.”


7. Expectation ~ Kayaking

Hah! What a beautiful day to go out for a kayak ride.

7. Reality

(Rough waters)

8. Expectation ~ Exercise

(Swimming). Hah. That workout was great! I feel great! Woo-Hoo!

8. Reality

Yes, I’m watching one more episode.

9. Expectation ~ Tanning

What a perfect day to tan. No wind and pure sun.

This is the best.

9. Reality

How is this considered tanning, when there’s not even any sun?

I’m done with this.

10. Expectation ~ Swimming


I’m going to jump in again!


Wow, the water is so warm!

I just love swimming in the lake.

10. Reality

Ah!!! That’s cold! Make sure there’s no fish.

Okay, I can’t do this!

Ugh! Something just touched my foot. Was that a weed? I don’t know, but it was slimy. Eww!

Hey everyone, it’s Heather, so I really hope you guys enjoyed my summer expectations versus reality video this week.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Did Heather’s skit consist of one or two parts?

2. She was in the city. True or false?

3. What happened in the expectation versus reality when she went fishing?

4. Did Heather read the same book or different books? How were the books different?

5. The weather was always warm and sunny at the lake. Is this right or wrong?

6. Heather had to clean the house and take out the rubbish. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. Is she a good swimmer? How was the lake water? Was she scared?


A. I can swim. I enjoy swimming. Yes or no? Where do you like to go swimming?

B. Have you visited a lake? Have you swum in a lake?

C. Are there many lakes in your country? Do people like to visit them?

D. Has bad weather ruined a picnic, trip or outing for you? What happened?

E. Is there a place where you visit on weekends, holidays and vacations?


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