Freebies and Goodies

Part Two



acute lagniappe consultant
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steam feature (2) deal/dealer
cookie fortune far-reaching
owner takeaway order (3)
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mug movie pass key chain
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The previous article introduced the idea of lagniappe. Here are more instances of lagniappe at work.


Graham McGregor is a sales and marketing consultant.

While on a business trip at another city, he developed an acute toothache. So he visited a local dentist who fixed the problem.

That night the dentist phoned him at his hotel to see if everything was OK. The same thing happened after Graham arrived home.

Nowadays, Graham schedules his dental check-ups with visits to that city.

Not only that, but he told his business partners about his experience there.

New Car

Sam, a car dealer, photographs every customer with their new car. He then sends them a desktop calendar featuring that photo.

Many of his new customers tell him that they had seen his calendars at a colleague’s office or friend’s house, and asked about it. And they were told where it came from.

Fortune Cookies

Mike used to go to a local Chinese takeaway once a week. With every order, the owner, Steve, would put items such as an egg roll, steamed dumpling or fortune cookies in a small bag and write “FREE” on it.

That is, until someone else bought out the takeaway.

The new owner doesn’t give freebies…and now Mike stops by once every two months.

Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts

What can serve as lagniappe? T-shirts, movie passes, pens, key chains, coffee mugs…the list goes on.

In most instances, their cost varies from about $1 to $5 depending on the value of the primary product or service that it accompanies — but their returns can be far-reaching.


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1. Lagniappe is……

2. How does lagniappe work? What happens?

3. Why does Graham visit a dentist — in another city?

4. Was that the only bonus the dentist received for this follow up calls?

5. Explain how calendars and cactus draw customers and boost sales.

6. How does “free” fortune cookies help business? Is it permanent?

A. What free goodies, gifts, bonuses have you received with a purchase? E. What did you think? What did you do?

B. Did these affect your shopping choices? If yes, how did it? I told all my friends about it. Yes or no?

C. Have your friends received free presents and raved about it to you?

D. What are some good ideas of lagniappe for things or services you buy. What prize or bonus would you like to win?

E. Does your company or business give freebies? What about for big deals and clients?

F. Can you come up with some good ideas?

G. Most businesses these days are using lagniappe to the point of saturation. Do you agree? Do you think the “lagniappe industry” is big business?

H. What will happen in the future?

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