Knight Rider

Knight Rider




car battery windshield
wheel flat tire spare tire
stick engine steering wheel
motor airbag drive/drove/driven
crash accident passenger
seat backseat puncture
door driver automobile
diesel window headlights
tire seat belts speedometer
pedal brakes accelerator
fuel gasoline signal lights
gas reverse windshield wipers





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Automobile, Car. The performance took place on a road or street. True or false?

Dashboard. Was there an actual car on the stage? The driver sat on a car seat. Is this right or wrong?

Steering Wheel. The driver sat on a car seat. Is this right or wrong?

Did he only drive forward, or did he also reverse his car?

Signal Lights. How did the performers indicate spinning tires (wheels)? Was the car going fast or slow?

Engine, Motor. How did the driver steer the car?

Windshield. Was the car silent, or did it make some noise?

Windshield Wipers. The driver had a nice, happy drive. Is this right or wrong?
What happened in the end?
Backseat. I have a car. I drive a car. Yes or no? Does everyone in your city own and drive a car?

Wheels, Tires. Are there lots of cars on the street? Is there lots of traffic?

Spare Tire. Is having a car necessary for life? Do people absolutely need cars to survive?

Flat Tire. If a person owns an SUV, luxury car, or sports car, he is considered successful and a winner. People will admire and respect him. He will have lots of friends and all the women will love him.

Fender. On the other hand if a person doesn’t have a car, he is considered a loser, a failure, a nobody. No one will be his friend and no woman will marry him. What do you think?

Brakes. What should people and governments do?

Trunk. What might happened in the future?

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