knight rider one

Night Rider, one




rid get rid of good/better/best
awful disguise make it (3)
self normal molecular
pal last (2) hang in there
boost buddy go through
let us find out go/went/gone
scan insane find/found/found
ahead hang on bury/buried
alive reading go over (2)
lava spread read/read/read
turbo head to give/gave/given
need shell (2) get/got/got-gotten
speed while you buried alive
heat extreme unbelievable
choice withstand much longer
enjoy detour long/longer/longest
I told you tell/told/told


Video (4:00 to 5:37)




KITT, AI Car: It’s good to be rid of that awful disguise and back to my normal self.
Michael Knight, Driver: Enjoy while you can, pal it’s not gonna last.

Backseat Passenger: Detour. What are we going to do now?
Michael Knight, Driver: We got no choice, but to go through.

Front Seat Passenger: Michael we have no idea what we’re heading into.
Michael Knight, Driver: Let’s find out. Scan up ahead pal.
Backseat Passenger: This is insane. We’ll be buried alive. How are we going to get through that?
Michael Knight, Driver: We go over it, or we go through it. Give me a reading, KITT.
KITT, AI Car: The lava is too spread out to turbo boost.
Michael Knight, Driver: All right; we’re gonna need all the speed we can get.

Hang on.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

KITT, AI Car: Michael, my molecular shell can’t withstand the extreme heat of this lava much longer.
Michael Knight, Driver: Buddy hang in there.

Backseat Passenger: Unbelievable!
Frontseat Passenger: I told you it make it.
Michael Knight, Driver: There’s someone else I want to tell you.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Lava, Lava Flow, Volcano. The beginning of the video showed a lightening storm. True or false?

Geyser. Four people were in the car: the driver and three passengers. Is this right or wrong?

Mountains, Hills, Mountain Range. Is Kitt, the car, an ordinary car? How would you describe Kitt? Describe Kitt the car.

Valley, Ravine, Canyon. According to Kitt, was there a river ahead of them? Were they approaching a river?

River, Stream. Michael the driver stopped the car and turned around. Is this correct or incorrect? What happened? What did the Michael the driver do?

Lake, Pond. Did the driver and passengers feel trilled, like riding a roller coaster? How did the driver and passengers feel as they were plowing through the lava?

Meadow, Field. The car got stuck and trapped in the lava. Yes or no?

Plains, Prairie, Steppe, Grassland.
Was the car burned and damaged?
Desert, Arid. I have seen volcanic eruptions. I have seen lava flows. True or false?

Tropics, Tropical Rain-forest. Have you seen the TV show or movie, Knight Rider?

Temperate, Four-Season Climate. Have you crossed a river or stream?

Savannah, Tropical Dry. What might happen in the future?

Mediterranean Climate, Subtropical Dry. I would like to own and drive a smart car or car with artificial intelligence.

Arctic, Tundra. Should people buy and use cars more often; or walk, bike and use public transport more?

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