knife throwing basic training

Knife Throwing

in Basic Training




push hand knife/knives
nuke fingers throw/threw/thrown
fight troops sergeant
leg cease boot camp
wall thumb training
boot fire (3) basic training
arm medic cease fire
head target put/put/put
body button nuclear
foot disable button (2)
pull enemy trooper






Recruit: “Who needs a knife in a nuke fight anyway; all you got to do is push a button, sir.”

Sergeant Zin: “Cease fire. Put your hand on that wall, trooper.

Put your hand on that wall!!!

The enemy cannot push a button even you disable his hand.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Always (100%). This was a summer camp for children. True or false?

Almost Always (98%). Were the recruits shooting rifles?

Usually (85%). All of the recruits threw their knives accurately (successfully). Is this right or wrong?

Frequently (75%). Did one of the recruits think knife-throwing was important? What did he say?

Often (66%). The sergeant explained the answer to the recruit. Is this correct or incorrect?

Sometimes (30%). What happened? What did the sergeant do? What did he say?

Occasionally (15%). Did he help the recruit afterwards?
On Occasion (15%). I was in the army. Yes or no? Was your father, uncle, grandparents or great-grandparents in the military?

Seldom (7%). Are there lots of army shows on TV or in the movies?

Rarely (3%). My friends and I want to join the army. True or false?

Almost never (1%). What might happen in the future?

Never (0%). What should people and governments do?

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