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Knife Throwing, Adults



wow unusual pretty (2)
danger mistake throw/threw/thrown
worry perform take care of
realize trick (2) tough (2)
crazy thrilling couple (2)
act heart (2) round (2)
chance caravan centerpiece
ready guess (2) dream (2)
refer welcome space (2)
twice obvious dangerous
neck push (2) frightening
passion nervous entertaining
unique amazing absolutely
boring wind (2) immediately
target lifelong congratulations






Journalist: “How long have you guys know each other?”
Boy Performer: “When I first met Abby, I thought she was so beautiful. I was like, ‘Wow’!”

Alfredo: “We are a pretty unusual couple, I guess, because I throw knives at my wife. We met almost eight years ago. I knew I had the right one, and I could not let her go.

Ana and I got married a little over two years ago.”

Ana Silva: “Finally. And the best thing is that we have a two-year-old daughter.”

Alfredo Silva to Daughter: “Papa and Mama, we’re going to perform. You’re going to sit with your grandmother. And don’t worry; I will take care of mommy.”

Alfredo Silva: “We both realize we had a passion for danger. And we decided to create this crazy unique knife throwing act. The knives we use are real; I cannot make a mistake.”

Anna Silva: “Sometimes I feel the wind from the knife, so close to my head, my heart is like . . .”

Alfredo Silva: “Right now we travel a lot, and we live in a lot of small spaces in caravans in Vegas.

Our lifelong dream is to have our own show — not just for us; we’re doing it for our own daughter.

And tonight is the biggest chance we’ve ever had.

And we are ready.”


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Simon Cowell: “Hi. Welcome. And who are you, please?”
Alfredo Silva: “My name is Alfredo; I’m thirty-four (34) years old.”
Simon: “And you are . . .?”
Anna: “I’m Anna. And I’m thirty-two (32) years old. And I’m his wife.”
Simon: “So how long have you been married, you two?”
Alfredo: “We’ve known each other for almost eight years, and we’ve been married for a little over two years.”

Simon: “So from where you’ve started to where you’re now today, has it been easy, or have there been tough times?”
Alfredo: “It’s been a very difficult road, you know. Knife-throwing is one of the oldest acts. A lot of people do this. We try to make something different from something really old.
Simon: “When I say, ‘did things go wrong?’, I think you know what I’m referring to.”
Alfredo: “I know . . . um . . . I hit her twice.”
Simon: “So basically, without stating the obvious, this is really, really dangerous?”
Alfredo: “It’s dangerous. I could kill her if I throw the knife maybe one or two millimeters to close — hit her neck. She’s the one pushing me to do the crazy tricks, believe it or not.”
Heidi Klum: “Really?”
Simon: “Okay, well, good luck.”
Alfredo: “Thank you very much.”


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Simon: “Mel.”
Mel B: “That made me really nervous — really, really nervous. And I was actually watching it the whole time like this: ‘Awwww!’
So it was very entertaining. And in a frightening way.
Alfredo: “Thank you very much.”
Simon: “Howie.”
Howie Mendel: “I’ve got to say that we’ve seen a lot of knife throwing, but we’ve never seen somebody moving so much. It’s even more dangerous.

You’re amazing!”
Simon: “Heidi.”
Heidi Klum: “I thought it was absolutely thrilling. Immediately from the get-go. You know, a lot of acts that come kind of dance around a little bit, until they get to it.

I mean you took those knives, and you ‘bam, bam’. You started immediately, so it was like, ‘Oh my god. It’s happening already and so fast.’

It was so good.”

Alfredo: “Thank you very much for that. Thank you.”

Simon: “Normally the one being thrown at is quite boring. But you actually made it interesting because you’re actually making it harder for him, and therefore, crazily harder for yourself.

Where would you go if you were to go to the next round? Does it get more dangerous?”

Alfredo: “It’s always more dangerous.”

Simon: “Anna, how do you feel about that?”

Anna: “Why not?”

Simon: “Why not indeed. Okay, we’re going to vote. Let’s start with Howie.”
Howie: “Yes.”
Mel B: “Definite ‘yes’ for me too.”
Heidi: “Definite ‘yes’ for me too: Your third ‘yes’.”
Simon: “Four ‘yeses’. Congratulations.”

Howie: “Simon, you’re right: the target has never been the centerpiece of these acts, and she is.”


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. In the beginning, did they only show Alfredo and Anna, or did they also show different couples?

2. Anna and Alfredo are brother and sister. Is this true or false?

3. Do they only perform in Las Vegas, or they perform in different places?

4. Have they known each other since school?

5. Knife throwing is perfectly safe. Is this right or wrong?

6. How many acts did Anna and Alfredo perform? Were the judges and audience scared?

7. What did the judges think? How did they vote?


A. I have seen knife throwing acts. Yes or no?

B. Do you or any of your friends throw knives, darts or shoot arrows?

C. Who are some couples that perform together?

D. Are there any lessons for people (especially children)?

E. What will happen in the future?

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