king midas

King Midas



king queen once upon a time
young jewelry daughter
gold hobby princess
fill chest (2) chamber
collect utensils necklace
cup earring bracelet
fork spoon knife/knives
dish bowl plate
enter royal find/found
alone slow stand/stood
fast quickly back and forth
hand back behind
up look down
ground someone what’s the matter
wrong anything something
alright dear (3) nothing
inside outside frustrated
again out loud disappointed
wish enough suddenly
more notice stranger
help funny over-hear
fun reply can’t help
guard get out whatever
touch serious turn into
silly really impossible
sure briefly absolutely
flour flower glance
gone joker toward
pick nose bring/brought
rose plant believe
bush same different
whole world happen
shout order (3) servant
feast prepare bit/bite/bitten
leg crunch put down
ouch lamb lamb chop
thirsty favorite loaf/loaves
lips solid feel/felt
near too late as soon as
stare motion motionless
sob cry fell/fall/fallen
sad voice miserable
go back certain definitely
fist wash pound (3)
get up nearby stream
form smile return
hug give original
later subject (2) give away


King Midas

Once upon a time, there lived a king. His name was Midas.

Now everyone has a hobby. King Midas’ hobby was collecting gold.

In a secret chamber, he had a chest full of gold jewelry and utensils: bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings; cups, bowls, plates, knives, forks, spoons.


One morning, the king went to the royal garden. As he slowly walked back and forth looking at the ground, he said out loud, “Huh. I feel so frustrated and disappointed. I wish I had more GOLD!

Who are You?

“You want more gold?” said a voice.

The king looked up. A stranger was standing in his garden.

“Who are you? Where are you from?” asked the king. “Well of course! Everyone wants gold!”
“Well, you can have all the gold you want,” said the stranger. “I can make so whatever you touch turns into gold.”
“Don’t be silly. That’s impossible…Well okay. Please, do it!” said the king.
“Are you really, really sure that’s what you want?”
DEFINITELY! Now do it!”
“Alright, it shall be,” said the stranger. He walked behind some trees and disappeared.

A Flower

“Hah. What a joker,” thought the king.

He then picked a flower. As he brought it to his nose — it turned to gold!


King Midas touched a rose plant. It too turned to gold!


Next he touched a small bush. The same thing happened.

“YAHOO! I’m the HAPPIEST man in the whole world!” he shouted.

The Meal

Feeling hungry, the king went into the dinning hall and sat at his dinning table. Servants brought his meal.

King Midas picked up a chicken leg. He bit into it….


“Ouch!” cried the king.

He put the leg down; it was now solid gold.

So he picked up a lamb chop. But that too turned to gold. The same thing happened to a loaf of bread.

“Oh boy!” said the king.

He went outside and walked to his garden.

In the Garden

“Daddy, daddy.”

The king turned around. It was his daughter. She was running towards him.

“NO NO! Don’t come near me…”

Too late.

As soon she touched the king, she turned into solid gold.

King Midas stood motionless…he just stared at the now golden figure.


Then he fell onto the ground and began sobbing.

“Why are you crying? Aren’t you now the happiest man in the whole world?” asked a voice. It was the stranger.

“NOOOOOO!…..I am the saddest, most miserable man in the whole world,” said the king. “I hate gold. I want to go back to how things were…”
“Are you certain?” asked the stranger.
ABSOLUTELY! said the king as he pounded the ground with his fists.
“Okay. Just go and wash your hands with water. That’s all.”

Get Up

King Midas got up and went to a nearby stream and washed his hands.

He returned to the garden and touched the gold flower. It turned back to its original form.

King Midas smelled it. He then touched the rose plant and bush; they returned to normal.

Then he went to his daughter and touched her….and she came back to life. The king hugged her.

Later, he gave all his gold away to his subjects.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Who was Midas?

2. King Midas cared about his kingdom, his people. Is this true or false?

3. Was he a very happy, content person? Why wasn’t he content and happy?

4. What happened one day?

5. How did King Midas feel?

6. What happened later?

7. What happened in the end?

8. King Midas changed. Yes or no?

9. Is there a moral or lesson in this story?
A. Do you know of any examples from real life?

B. Do tales like these encourage or discourage people from succeeding?



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