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scientist train engineer computer programmer
engineer researcher computer engineer
nurse lab technician graphic artist/designer
dentist web designer doctor/physician
pilot ship captain software engineer
counselor youth leader college instructor
tutor social worker university professor
teacher sports coach professional athlete


Computers, Engineering

1. Is computer engineering the most popular major in universities?

2. There is a shortage of computer engineers here. Yes or no?

3. Do you know any computer programmers who did attend university or studied computers at university?

4. How difficult is engineering? How long does it take to become an engineer?

5. Many of my friends are web designers or graphic artists. Is this correct or wrong?

6. Pilots have the most exciting job. Yes or no? Do boys want to become pilots?

7. Ship captains and train engineers live a life of travel, adventure, and romance. True or false?

Science, Medicine

8. The government should invest more into research. They should hire more researchers. Do you agree?

9. Do scientists earn lots of money? How much do scientists earn?

10. Doctors are the healthiest people. What do you think?

11. Dentists are secretly happy when people eat candy, chocolate, and soda. True or false? What do they tell you?

12. Is nursing a popular occupation? Are most nurses local or foreign or both?


13. Teachers are highly respected in my country. Is this correct or wrong? Do they have a low, media, or high salary?

14. Are most university professors men or women or is it about the same? What about elementary and high school teachers?

15. Every student dreams of becoming a professor. What do you think?

16. We have a school counselor. Yes or no? If yes, did you speak with them? What did they tell you?

17. If I were a counselor, I would tell children or teenagers………

18. Have you and your friends had private tutors? Have you had private tutoring? If yes, in which subjects?

Coaching, Sports

19. Describe a successful sports coach. Who are some famous coaches. How do they coach?

20. Our community/neighborhood needs (more) social workers. Do you agree?

21. Describe the life of a professional soccer player or other sport superstar.

22. Were you in the boy scouts, girl scouts, summer camp, or other youth club or organization? Who was your favorite boy scout, girl scout, camp leader, or other youth leader?


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