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banker accountant small business owner
cashier bookkeeper clerk/office worker
CEO secretary real estate agent
investor manager office worker
administrator office manager administrative assistant
president stock broker business owner
consultant sales clerk salesman/sales person


Business, Office Staff

1. What kind of education and training do clerks need?

2. Describe the tasks or duties of a secretary. What are some stereotypes of secretaries?

3. The goal of all every employee is to become a manager. Yes or no?

4. Describe your local salesperson. How do they behave?

5. Who are friendlier, cashiers or sales clerks?

6. My friends would rather be an office worker or store employee than a skilled blue-collar worker. Is this correct or wrong?

7. Office managers have multitasks and are always very busy. True or false?

Business Professionals

8. Do accountants work with computers or accounting software most of the time? Can accountants work from home?

9. Would you like to be a stock broker?

10. Where do business consultants get their training and knowledge?

11. Describe the life of a real estate agent (in terms of business cycles).

12. What do people think of bankers? What do you associate with banks and bankers?

13. Administrative assistants have the most responsibility in a company. What do you think?

CEOs, Presidents, Owners

14. Many successful business owners never went to university. Yes or no?

15. Who is “smarter” a CEO or a scientist?

16. Would you like to have more foreign investors in your city?

17. All businessmen wear business suits. True or false? Do you know anyone who does?

18. Is the president or CEO the hardest working person in a company?

19. If I could own any business, I would own……


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