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architect civil servant government worker
dancer artist illustrator
journalist judge lawyer/attorney
pilot photographer ship captain
musician bureaucrat military officer
police officer tax collector government official
film maker writer actor/actress
news anchor politician prime minister


Law and Justice, Legal, Military

1. Who decides the verdict in court, the judge or the jury? Do judges have to be impartial?

2. What do people think of lawyers? Is law a prestigious career?

3. Do police officers catch (apprehend, arrest) criminals or do they bother innocent civilians more?

4. What do people think of military officers? Is a military career respectable? What do people think of a career in the military?


5. Government officials and bureaucrats are slow and present obstacles and trouble. What do you think?

6. Politicians are the most criticized people. True or false?

7. If I were the prime minister or president, I would…….

8. Everyone hates the tax collector. Is this correct or wrong?

9. Civil servants (government workers) have cushy jobs. Do you agree?

Communication, Media

10. Have you ever spoken to a journalist? Has your friend been interviewed by a journalist? What was it about?

11. Journalists should have complete freedom to investigate and interview any and all politicians, government officials, leaders, business people. Yes or no? Do they like the media?

12. If I were a film maker, I would…………

13. Being a news anchor is stressful and boring. What do you think?

14. Journalists have the most time-pressured jobs.

15. Would you like to be a writer or novelist? What would or what do you want to write about?

Arts and Entertainment

16. My friend would like to marry an actress or actor. True or false? Why or why not? Describe the life of an actress or actor.

17. Musicians and singers are rich. Yes or no? Do you know anyone who is a musician or singer?

18. Describe the life of a National Geographic photographer. A fashion photographer. A newspaper or magazine photographer. Do they make a lot of money?

19. Is architecture a very popular major in universities? Do architects have an easy time finding work?

20. Everyone wishes (dreams) they were a professional artists. Do you agree?

21. Would you like to be an illustrator? What would you illustrate?

22. Dancers make their work look very easy and natural. What do you think? Are or were you in ballet, folk dance, or modern dance?

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