joan rivers three

An American Woman, two



breasts place break through
fearless generation pave the way
pave antic break/broke/broken
typical confess confront
CPA grab atypical
fall (2) rubber doorbell
bounce frequent bounce back
scream stupid make love
ill carpet red carpet
brash schedule relentless
wit calling (2)












Host: I have a photo of you—right in this same studio—in 1965. You and Johnny.
Joan: Look at that: my legs look good…the breasts are in the right place.
Host: You look fantastic.

Joan Rivers was an antic and fearless comedian who paved the way for generations of performers.

She broke through in the 1960s. Her confrontational and confessional style was atypical at the time—especially for a woman.

Joan: When I was 21 my mother said, “Only a doctor for you.” When I was 22 she said, “Alright, a lawyer, a CPA.” Twenty-four she said grab a dentist. Twenty-six she said, “Anything.” If he could make it to the door, he was mine, you know.

“What do you mean you don’t like him? He’s intelligent. He found the doorbell by himself. What do you want?”

Joan: This is all rubber; let me tell you. Which is very good, let me tell you, because if I fall down—bounce right back up.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Ms. Rivers became a TV star and frequent guest host of “The Tonight Show”. In 1986, she got her own late-night show.

Joan: Can we talk here? My sex life has changed: we’d make love, then we’d sit up and talk. Ten minutes after we make love—he goes right to sleep. And I scream, “Please keep your eyes on the road.”

Joan: I’m telling you, I’ve got my stupid contacts. Hold on.

Okay, sorry about this.

Their album is called “License to Ill” (that’s a stupid name for an album).

In her later years, Ms. Rivers was best known as an interviewer on the red carpet and for her relentless touring schedule.

She never lost her brashness, wit or style.

Joan: Well first of all, I want to know why Kim Kardashian brought Adam Lampert and pretended to change…

Joan: Take a good look at this face America—give me a close up!

Not that close. Get back you @#$%^&*!

This. This is the face of comedy!

Joan: If you want a real job honey, there are a million things you can do. But what we do is not a job. Sounds so stupid.

What we do is a calling, my dear. We make people HAPPY.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Joan had been in show biz (business) for a long time. True or false?

2. Describe Joan’s style and character, on shows. Was this normal or typical?

3. Tell the joke about her mother.

4. Did she do a variety of activities in her career? If yes, give examples.

5. She changed her character and personality as she got older. Yes or no?

6. Did she consider her profession to be “work”?
A. Are you shocked by Joan’s behavior?

B. Who are some famous comedians in your country?

C. Do you know anyone who behaves like Joan? Describe them.

D. What will happen in the future?

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