Jason and the Argonauts, two




pearl broach platform
pin useful wind (3)
silly ladder put it back
ship weapon put/put/put
guard wooden good/better/best
land ocean say/said/said
island after all leave/left/left (2)
turn fingers come/came/come
statue angry find/found/found (2)
elbow scared remember
oar escape get back to
torso pick up cut/cut/cut
rope bronze shake/shook/shaken
shout sail (2) cry/cried
arms javelin fall/fell/fallen
legs helmet terrified
sea miss (3) must have been
metal afraid muscular
panic muscle provision
hand row (3) see/saw/seen
knee sword foot/feet (2)






Hercules: Look at this.
Hylas: Look at this: a pearl!
Hercules: It’s a javelin!
Hylas: Don’t be silly! In a jewel box? It’s a broach pin.
Hercules: Well, whatever it is, it will make a useful weapon. Let’s get back to the ship.
Hylas: Hercules . . .
Hercules: What is it?
Hylas: Better put it back.
Hercules: Why?
Hylas: Remember what Jason said?
Hercules: It won’t be missed. Anyway if the gods leave all this unguarded, they don’t want it.


Hercules: It must have been the wind.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Jason: And you saw nothing of them after that?
Phalerus : Perhaps Hercules found a woman after all.
Jason: TALOS!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Land. Two men entered a store. True or false? Did they find berries, plums, cherries, apricots and strawberries inside?

Sea, Ocean. Did Hercules buy a watermelon? What did he want? Did Hylas take anything? Did he agree with Hercules?

Stream, River, Lake. Hercules is very weak. What do you think?

Hills, Mountains. When they came outside, Hylas and Hercules were very happy and excited. Is this right or wrong? What happened? What did they see? Why did Talos “come alive”?

Soil, Dirt. Did Hylas and Hercules stay and fight Talos? What did they do?

Sky, Clouds. Jason and the Argonauts fought the Talos. Is this correct or incorrect? What did they do?

Sun, Moon, Stars. The ship crew hoisted the ship’s sail and sailed away. Yes or no?

Waves, Tides. Did Jason and the Argonauts escape from Talos and the Isle of Bronze? What happened in the end?
Rain, Drizzle. I have seen ancient and medieval TV shows and movies. True or false?

Storm, Hurricane. Have you studied ancient Greek, Roman and Medieval history and literature?

Giants, Mythology, Legends. Had ancient Greeks or Romans come to your country?

Thunder, Lightning. My friends and I would like to go on an adventure. We would like to go on an expedition.

Snow, Snowflake. What might happen in the future?

Island. What could or should people do?

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