The Italian Restaurant




piece dessert I can’t believe
cousin delicious connections
decide order (3) hors d’oeuvres
silly sparkling breadstick
cider princess glasses (2)
mood amazing spaghetti
desert romantic hold out your hands
plate napkin to connect
hand baby (2) chopstick
crazy fondue oh my gosh







Catherine: Oh my gosh Guido. I can’t believe you got us reservations to the nicest restaurant in town.
Guido: For you Baby, I’ll do anything . . . I also have some connections.

Waiter: Hello. Welcome to Reggie’s. My name is Fabio, and I’ll be your waiter tonight.
Guido: Wait . . . Fabio?
Waiter: Ay! Guido, my man.
Catherine: You two know each other?
Waiter: Yes, I am Guido’s second cousin twice removed.
Catherine: Well that’s great.
Waiter: Well, I’ll let you decide what you’re going to order while I get the hors d’oeuvres.

Catherine: Wow, I can’t decide what to get: everything here looks so amazing.
Guido: I know what’s the best: I’ll order for both of us, Baby.
Catherine: Guido, you’re the best!

Waiter: Here are your shrimp cocktails.
Catherine: Thank you.
Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Guido: Yes, we’ll have spaghetti and breadsticks, and apple cider.
Waiter: Alright. I’ll be right back with your food.

Catherine: Tonight’s been amazing so far; thanks for taking me here.
Guido: I wanted to do something special — so I got you this . . . because you’re my princess.
Catherine: Oh my gosh, thank you so much Guido — it’s perfect. You’re so romantic.

Waiter: I thought you might want to enjoy a bit of a mood music . . . Thank you so much; I worked on that for three months.
I’ll take these and get the rest of the fondue.

Waiter: Here’s your sparkling cider, just like you requested.
Catherine: Are we going to have any glasses?
Waiter: Of course not silly: just hold out your hands.
Guido: Just do it Babe.
Catherine: Okay.
Guido: Drink up.
Catherine: Oh my gosh.
Waiter: Enjoy.
Guido: Oh my gosh, it’s delicious.

Waiter: Here’s your spaghetti.
Catherine: No plates?
Waiter: Of course not . . . Enjoy!
Catherine: What about napkins or utensils?
Waiter: Just use your hands!

Waiter: I got your breadstick. How many pieces do you want?
Guido: Just two.
Waiter: All righty . . . here are your breadsticks. Enjoy.

Catherine: Well this place is very interesting.
Guido: Fabio the dessert, please.
Waiter: Here you go.
Catherine: One chopstick?
Waiter: I couldn’t find the other one.
Catherine: This place is crazy! I’m out of here.
Guido: Well, all for me.
Waiter: And me.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Spaghetti. Who are Guido and Catherine? Where were they?

Do Guido and Fabio the waiter know each other?

In the beginning, how did Catherine feel about Guido and the restaurant? What did Guido do?

The waiter only served food and drinks. True or false?

Parmesan Cheese.
Guido and Catherine drank apple cider from glasses. Is this right or wrong?

Did the waiter bring two plates of spaghetti to them? What did Guido and Catherine do?

Olive Oil.
Was Catherine very pleased and satisfied (happy) in the end? How did she feel?


I often dine (eat) in restaurants. Yes or no? Do you visit different restaurants? Which is your favorite?

Zucchini. I have eaten in an Italian restaurant or other ethnic restaurant. True or false? Are there foreign or ethnic restaurants in your city?

Oranges, Tangerines.
Have you eaten spaghetti? Are noodle-dishes popular in your city?

Have you see strange, unusual, crazy behavior on the streets?

Mozzarella Cheese.
What might happen in the future?


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