Is (two)


Be: Review

Be takes on different forms depending on its subject and tense.

Previous lessons looked at am and are as linking verbs. In this lesson we look at is.
Positive Sentences

The basic structure for be as a linking verb with she, he, it is

(+): She/He/It
Joe/Mrs. Bean/This book + is + noun/adjective.
The store clerk (shop assistant)

• She is our new neighbor.
• The mailman (postman) is here.
• Their uncle’s garden is full of weeds.

Negative Sentences

(-): She/He/It
Mr. Wood/The boss + is not + noun/ adjective.
That man
His apartment
Their daughter

• That person is not a passenger; she’s a ticket inspector.
• This soup’s not hot. This soup isn’t hot.
• Your internet connection isn’t very fast.






Respond to the following sentences with yes, no, true, false, that’s right, that’s false/not true, I agree, I disagree; yes and no, in the middle, maybe, in a way, mostly, usually, sometimes, it depends. Say why and give examples. Make any necessary corrections.


1. My neighbor is a carpenter, builder or construction worker, and his wife is an office worker.

2. Our city is warm in summer and cool in winter.

3. Our school is small; there are about a hundred students in total.

4. American food is the best in the world. American food is very delicious!

5. The Queen of England is rich and powerful.




6. YouTube is my favorite site. My favorite website is YouTube.

7. New York is a very dangerous place, but my grandmother’s village is very safe.

8. Politics is boring. The news is very boring.

9. Science is an easy subject.

10. My friend is the smartest student in my class. My friend is very smart.








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