She, He, It IS (3)


Be: Review

Be takes on different forms depending on its subject and tense.

Previous lessons looked at am and are as linking verbs. In this lesson we look at is.
Positive Sentences

The basic structure for be as a linking verb with she, he, it is

(+): She/He/It
Joe/Mrs. Bean/This book + is + noun/adjective.
The store clerk (shop assistant)

• She is our new neighbor.
• The mailman (postman) is here.
• Their uncle’s garden is full of weeds.

Negative Sentences

(-): She/He/It
Mr. Wood/The boss + is not + noun/ adjective.
That man
His apartment
Their daughter

• That woman is not a passenger; she’s a ticket inspector.
• This soup’s not hot. This soup isn’t hot.
• Your internet connection isn’t very fast.





Respond to the following sentences with yes, no, true, false, that’s right, that’s false/not true, I agree, I disagree; yes and no, in the middle, maybe, in a way, mostly, usually, sometimes, it depends. Say why and give examples. Make any necessary corrections.


The best time of the day is 6:30 am. Six-thirty in the morning is the best time of the day. Monday is the best day of the week. The best day of the week is Monday. Do you agree?

My favorite year is 1984. 1984 is my favorite year. Yes or no?

How would you describe Elon Musk (or Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg)? Elon Musk is a . . . a) great, b) very smart, c) crazy, d) bad, e) stupid, f) evil, g) average, normal _____ person.

The world is a) very small, b) medium-sized, c) big, d) incredibly large. Why do you say that? Why do you feel that way?

My cousin is an engineer.


Hot, Warm, Scorching.
France is a perfect country.

Cold, Cool, Freezing.
My left hand is my dominant hand. I write with my left hand.

New York City is a fantastic (or terrible) place to live.

Writing a blog post or making a vlog is very hard work (or very fun and easy).

Dry. YouTube is a great way to learn cooking, playing a musical instrument, speaking Portuguese and painting pictures.



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