irregular verbs pre

Irregular Verbs

Spend, Dig, Find



send cast sting
let put spend
dig feel spill
fight spin find
lead shoot keep
rise lend burst


Send, Sent, Sent

1. Send, sent, sent
How many emails have you sent today? Do you send letters or postcards nowadays? Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard sent their sons to boarding school. What are advantages and disadvantages of this?

2. Cast, cast, cast
The director cast Inez in the starring role. What does her resume (CV) say?

3. Sting, stung, stung
I have been stung by a bee. Is this correct or wrong? What did you do? The burglars were going to enter the church — but they turned back. Why?

4. Let, let, let
Does or did your parents let you go out and stay out late? The school kids were very happy. How come they were happy? Why were they happy?

Put, Put, Put

5. Put, put, put
Mrs. Karimi bought a new vase. What did she do with it? Dr. Franklin earns $120,000 a year. What does he do with it?

6. Spend, spent, spent
How does your friend feel when they spend money? Irene and Stanley feel desperate. Why did they feel desperate? Is this good or bad?

7. Dig (up), dug, dug
What did the dog do? The dog dug a hole and buried a bone. Tyler doesn’t work anymore. He’s only 30. Why doesn’t he work anymore?

8. Feel, felt, felt
I like to feel dog and cat fur. Yes or no? Do you motivated, enthusiastic, and energetic?

9. Spill, spilled (spilt), spilled (spilt)
There’s no use crying over spilt milk. Give examples from real life. “Where is your homework?” the teacher asked Oliver. What did he say?

Fight, Fought, Fought

10. Fight, fought, fought
Our country is democratic now because we fought for freedom, liberty, and independence. Was this good or bad?

11. Find, found, found
Dennis was feeling down. Then he became elated. Why? What was the most valuable thing that you found?

12. Spin, spun, spun
The children spun around and around. What happened when they stopped? Are there doner kebab (shaorma, gyros) stalls in your city? What do they do?

13. Keep, kept, kept
My uncle and aunt keep a six-month supply of food in their basement. Why do they keep a supply of food? If your friend found a wallet in the park, would he keep it?

Lead, Led, Led

14. Lead, led, led
In history, did generals lead their troops from the front or from the rear? Are there leaders in your school?

15. Shoot, shot, shot
Wayne and Garth are covered with yellow and orange paint splats. Why were they covered in paint splats? My uncle likes to shoot guns. True or false?

16. Burst, burst, burst
Quick! Call a plumber! The water pipe has burst! Who is your plumber? Do plumbers make good money? It was a bubble economy. What happened?

17. Rise, rose, risen
Where does the sun rise from? What happens to yeast-bread? What happened to all ancient civilizations? Why?

18. Lend, lent, lent
Ernie lent his new car to his friend. What happened? How many people would lend you money?

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