irregular verbs pre intermediate

Irregular Verbs

Make, Pay, Hide



light lose stink
make pay spit
beat choose shrink
strike ring sank
forbid bet stick
hide swear


Light, Lit, Lit

1. Light, lit, lit
It was Martha’s grandmother’s birthday yesterday. What happened?

2. Lose, lost, lost
Their son took the family jewelry with him when he moved. What happened? I sometimes lose my keys, wallet, purse, smart phone. Yes or no? How do athletes feel when they lose? How do they feel when they win?

3. Stink, stank, stunk
In 1977, a fishing boat pulled in a semi-decomposed “sea dinosaur”. What happened? In your opinion, what stinks?

4. Make, made, made
What do or did you make at school? What do factories, artists, and crafts workers make in your town?

Pay, Paid, Paid

5. Pay, paid, paid
Heidi went abroad on her vacation (holiday), and bought some souvenirs. Did she pay the same amount as locals do? In the future there will be no cash; only e-money. What do you think?

6. Spit, spat (spit), spat (spit)
Tommy’s mother scolded him. Why did she scold him? Do men spit in your city? Do women spit?

7. Beat, beat, beaten
What do blacksmiths do? Margaret’s Restaurant has beaten the competition. How did she do it?

8. Shrink, shrank, shrunk
Charles used to play sports and lift weights. They he was falsely imprisoned. Describe what happened to him. Is the population growing or shrinking?

Choose, Chose, Chosen

9. Choose, chose, chosen
In the past, did parents or matchmakers choose a person’s spouse (wife or husband)? Is this still common? Is or was this good or bad?

10. Strike, struck, struck
Tom struck Bob. Why did Tom strike Bob? What will happen to Tom? Paul stuck a match in non-smoking building. What happened? What will happen if a person strikes another person? The workers went on strike. Why did they go on strike?

11. Ring, rang, rung
Sometimes strangers ring our doorbell. Is this correct or wrong? What do you do when someone rings your doorbell? Who is it? A few years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Mendel went on a vacation to Europe. What did they hear?

12. Sink, sank, sunk
What can you say about the Titanic and the Bermuda Triangle? Asher went swimming in the Dead Sea. Then he went to Lake Baikal. Did he notice any difference?

13. Forbid, forbade, forbidden
I would like to see……forbidden. The government should make……illegal

Bet, Bet, Bet

14. Bet, bet, bet
What happens during the last World Cup Championship, or any major sporting even? Is betting good or bad?

15. Stick, stuck, stuck
We can’t drive anymore. Why can’t we drive anymore? We can’t drive because…..
Do you ever get stuck on your homework?

16. Hide, hid, hidden
Have people found hidden treasures or artifacts in your country? Where is the best place to hide money and gold? The best place to hide money and gold is……

17. Swear, swore, sworn (2)
The teacher was very angry at Bobby. Why? Do elected public official swear that he would serve the people?

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