Iron Man suits up

Iron Man Suits Up



village villagers pressure (2)
militia force (2) take shelter
crude plant (3) whatever
local remnant find/found/found
smelt ruin (2) dwelling
recent violence attributed
Soviet foreign referred to
armed heavily as you can see
fatal wonder see/saw/seen
will (3) way (2) stand/stood/stood
hope forced stand in their way
beg kidnap around (2)
join shelter insurgent






Villagers have been forced to take shelter in whatever crude dwellings they can find in the ruins of other villages or here in the remnants of an old Soviet smelting plant.

Recent violence is attributed to a group of foreign fighters referred to by locals as as the “Tangrings”. As you can see these men are heavily armed, and on a mission, a mission that could prove fatal to anyone who stands in their way.

With no political will or international pressure, there’s very little hope for these refugees.

Around me, a woman begging for news of her husband, who was kidnapped by insurgents, either forced to join their militia or . . . .

A child’s question: where are my mother and father. there’s very little hope for these refugees, refugees who wonder, who if anyone can help them.

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1. In the beginning, Tony Stark was doing two things at once. True or false?

2. Was he watching a cartoon on TV? What was he watching? What was it about?

3. How did Tony feel? Was he happy, sad, angry, disturbed, furious?

4. What did he do after hearing the news? Why did he do this?

5. Is Tony Stark a genius, very smart, smart, average, stupid, an idiot a moron?

6. What happened in the end?

7. What do you think will happen next? What will Tony do?


A. My friends and I have watched Iron Man movies or cartoons. Yes or no?

B. Do you sometimes watch TV while eating or doing homework or making something?

C. I wish I were Iron Man or Iron Woman. Or, I wish I could have and wear an Iron Man suit.

D. We need Iron Man to help or save our world. What do you think? What could Iron Man do?

E. What might happen in the future?

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