Iron Man in the sky

Iron Man in the Sky



carry sir (2) slow down
relax heather swing by
guy got it (2) swing/swung/swung
grab electrify be able to
barrel monkey eight more to go
game remember foot/feet (2)
effort get him all around
team come on


Video: Iron Man Rescue




Iron Man: The President. Now.
Villain: He’s not here.

Try the jet stream. Speaking of which, go fish.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Iron Man: How many in the air?
Jarvis: Thirteen, sir.
Iron Man: How many can I carry?
Jarvis: Four, sir.

Iron Man: Slow down, slow down. Relax. What’s you name? Heather?

Listen to me: see that guy? I’m going to swing by. You’re gonna grab him. You got it?

I will electrify your arm. You will be able to open your hand. You can do this Heather.
Easy. See? Eleven more to go. Remember that game, “Barrel of Monkeys”? That’s what we’re gonna do.

Jarvis: Eighteen thousand feet.

Come on people; everyone grab your monkey.


Jarvis: Ten thousand feet.

Jarvis: Six thousand feet.

Iron Man: Come on people. Come on. Come on. Come on.


Jarvis: One thousand feet.

Four hundred feet

Two hundred feet, sir.

Iron Man: Turn key monkey. Let’s get him.


Iron Man: Nice work guys. Good team effort, all around. No less.

Alright Jarvis.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Iron Man. In the beginning, an airplane had engine malfunctions. True or false?

Did Iron Man defeat the villain; or did he lose?

Spider Man.
“How many in the air?” “Thirteen, sir.” What does this mean? What does this refer to?

The Hulk. Iron Man caught, grabbed and held on to all 13 passengers with his own arms. Is this right or wrong? What did he do?

Superman. Did he and the people have lots of time to rescue each other?

Wonder Woman.
They landed on the ground. Is this correct or incorrect?

Batman. Was there an irony in the end?

The Flash. I have flown on an airplane. Yes or no? Was it fun? Do you enjoy flying on airplanes?

Green Lantern.
Have you or your friends ever skydived? Is skydiving popular?

Aqua Man.
I have worked in a team. I have worked together with other people. Is this right or wrong?

Dare Devil.
I want to be like Iron Man. My friends and I would like to have an Iron Man suit.

Robocop. What might happen in the future?


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